Looking for an entertaining way to test your knowledge of the bible? We have you covered. As will have complied this trivia to entertain you and help you grow deeper in faith. These questions are drawn from all parts of the bible, try to answer them, and if you can’t, check the answer at the end of the questions. Click Download Interesting Bible Trivia Quiz Printable.

1. In which city was Jesus born?

2. What Is the Number of Books in the New Testament?

3. Which island was Paul shipwrecked?

4. How many baskets were left after Jesus fed 5,000 people?

5. In the last supper, the wine represents what?

6. Who called Jesus the messiah as he was presented in the temple?

7. Which angel told Mary she would be pregnant?

8. The high priest that officiated Jesus’ trial was?

9. In the beginning God created what?

10. The first public preaching Jesus did according to the gospel of Matthew was in?

11. Which disciple notified the Romans of Jesus?

12. Who is known as the forerunner of Christ?

13. The first apostles of Jesus were?

14. Peter means?

15. Judas identified Jesus to the Roman authority by?

16. Peter disowned Jesus how many times?

17. When did Peter realize that he disowned Jesus as predicted?

18. Which insect did John the Baptist eat in the desert?

19. Which person wrote the revelation?

20. The first victim of the murder was?

21. Who killed Abel?

22. The term “kiss of death” refers to who?

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23. Which apostle promised Jesus he would die for him?

24. Resurrection of Jesus signifies what?

25. Which church celebration depicts the resurrection of Christ?

26. In the last supper, bread represents what?

27. The third plague in Egypt was?

28. David killed the Goliath with what?

29. Goliath was fighting for which people?

30. Ahab was the king of which people?

31. Complete the phrase: we are not saved by our own works, we are saved by?

32. Where did Isaiah live?

33. Where in the bible was Paul converted?

34. Paul the apostle was formerly known as?

35. Which chapter in Hebrew talks about faith?

36. Which pharisee met Jesus at night?

37. What were dinosaurs called in Jobs?

38. Who was forcing Joseph to sleep with her?

39. What goes against the law of nature?

40. The demon that possessed the man in the tomb is known as?

41. What happened to Joseph when he refused to sleep with the master’s wife?

42. Ezekiel lay on his left side for how many months?

43. What does the Epistle mean?

44. Laying your life for a friend according to Jesus is the greatest display of?

45. The book of revelation was written by?

46. Who asked for the body of Jesus?

47. The shortest book on the new testament was?

48. Before preaching God, who was a tax collector?

49. Who is the shirt man that climbed a tree to see Jesus?

50. The fifth plague in Egypt was?

51. Ephesians chapter 5 talks about whose example?

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52. Paul is from which tribe?

53. What was Simon Peter’s profession?

54. Saul encountered what while traveling to Damascus?

55. Saul was traveling to Damascus to do what?

56. The first Christian martyr was?

57. How did Stephen die?

58. The greatest quality according to 1st Corinthians is?

59. Which apostle doubted Jesus’ resurrection?

60. The mystery and identity of Jesus are stressed in which gospel?

61. Jesus employed which literary genre to preach his message?

62. Jesus’ entry to Jerusalem represents which Christian celebration?

63. Who baptized Jesus?

64. Which doctor wrote the gospel?

65. The 9th plague in Egypt was?

66. Those righteous enough to inherit the kingdom of God are the?

67. Jesus fasted for how many days?

68. Jesus turned water into wine in?

69. Who told Jesus to help the people turn water into wine?

70. Joseph the earthly father of Jesus was a?

71. How many people were in Noah’s ark?

72. The second plague in Egypt was?

73. What Is the makeup of the Holy Trinity?

74. Who commanded the sun and moon to stand still?

75. Joshua was the successor of who?

76. Which prophet turned his rode into a bronze snake?

77. God used Adam’s rib to create who?

78. It took God how many days to create heaven and earth?

79. Which animal tempted eve?

80. The name of Abraham’s wife was?

81. How many books are in the old testament?

Answers to 81 Interesting Bible Trivia Questions

1. Bethlehem
2. 27
3. Malta
4. 12
5. The blood of christ
6. Simeon
7. Angel Gabriel
8. Caiaphas
9. Heaven and earth
10. Mountain
11. Judas
12. John the baptist
13. Peter and Andrew
14. Rock
15. Kissing him on the cheek
16. 3 times
17. After the cock crowed
18. Locust
19. John
20. Abel
21. Cain
22. Judas kiss
23. Peter
24. Salvation
25. Easter
26. The body of christ
27. Lice
28. A sling and stone
29. Philistines
30. Israel
31. Grace
32. Jerusalem
33. Acts
34. Saul
35. Chapter 11
36. Nicodemus
37. Behemoths
38. The master’s wife
39. Miracle
40. Legion
41. He was sent to prison
42. Six months
43. Letter
44. Love
45. John
46. Joseph of Arimathea
47. 2nd John
48. Matthew
49. Zacheus
50. Livestock pestilence
51. Christ’s examples
52. Benjamin
53. Fisherman
54. Jesus
55. Persecute Christians
56. Stephen
57. He was stained to death
58. Love
59. Thomas
60. The gospel according to John
61. Parable
62. Palm Sunday
63. John the baptist
64. Luke
65. Darkness
66. Gentile
67. 40 days and 40 nights
68. Cana of Galilee
69. Mary
70. Carpenter
71. Eight
72. Frogs
73. Father, son, and the holy spirit
74. Joshua
75. Moses
76. Moses
77. Eve
78. Seven
79. Serpent
80. Sarah
81. 39

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