81 Interesting Disney Trivia Questions And Answers

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Interesting Disney Trivia Questions And Answers

Entertainment does not only end in the doors of Disney, We have created this Fun-filled Disney trivia to hit you with a truck load of entertainment. Get ready to have fun answering some interesting questions on some of your favorite Disney movies like Robin Hood, Pinocchio, etc, and also on Disneyland, and Disney songs. Sit tight and enjoy this interesting trivia game.

Disneyland Trivia Questions And Answers

(Photo: Disney)

1. What is the name of the song that is heard in the haunted mansion?

Grim Grinning Ghosts

2. What is the name of the currency that Disneyland invented in the year 1987? Walt dollars or Disney dollars?

Disney dollars

3. You need to be careful of poisoned apples in Snow White’s Scary Adventures. True or false?


4. Which year did the Disney California Adventure park open? 1990 or 2001?


5. Club 33 is not located in New Orleans. True or false?


6. What is the name of Tomorrowland ride that only lasted from 1961 to 1966?

Flying saucers

7. Eleanor Audley is the voice of Madame Leota in the Haunted mansion. True or false?


8. What is the name of the monster that lives in the Matterhorn ride?

Abominable Snowman

9. What is the number of years that it took to build Disneyland? 3 or 1?


10. What is the name of the place in Disneyland that serves alcoholic beverages?

club 33

11. What does the sign at the entrance of Disneyland say? “land of entertainment” or “the happiest place on earth”?

The happiest place on earth

12. What was the structure that was on the land where the first Disneyland was built? A mansion or an orange groove?

An orange grove

13. What is the distance from  Disneyland to the city of California? 50 miles or 35 miles?

35 miles

14. What is the name of the phone company that is the sponsor of Indiana Jones adventure in Adventureland? Apple or AT&T?


15. The haunted mansion is not the home to 999 ghosts. True or false?


16. After the ticket collectors, what is the first attraction that you would see?

Disneyland railroad

17. Monorail can reach Disneyland the fastest. True or false?

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Disney Song Trivia Questions And Answers

18. What is the name of the song that Snow White sang with a bird?

‘With A Smile And A Song’

19. Circle of Life was sung in the Disney movie, Lion King. True or false?


20. What is the name of the princess that sang the song “Reflection”? Cinderella or Mulan?


21. Once Upon a Dream was not sung by Sleeping Beauty. True or false?


22. A Pirate’s Life is a song that was sung in which Disney movie? Mickey Mouse or Peter Pan?

Peter Pan

23. What is the name of the song that describes the story of Beauty and The Beast?

A Tale As Old As Time
24. What is the meaning of Hakuna Matata in English?

no worries

25. In which Disney movie was the song Colours Of The Wind sung?


26. What is the name of the Disney character that sang ‘How Far I’ll Go’ and ‘You’re Welcome’? Moana or Snow White?


27. The movie that has Happy Working Song in it was Enchanted. True or false?


28. What is the name of the movie that has “Let it Go” as the song?


29. The name of the Disney princess that sang “Someday My Prince Will Come” was? Cinderella or Snow White?

Snow White

30. What is the name of the first song that was sung in Disney?

When You Wish Upon a Star

Disney Animals Trivia Questions And Answers

31. What type of animal was maid Mariam? A lion or a fox?

a fox

32. In the movie Cinderella, what kind of animal was Lucifer? A rat or a cat?

a cat

33. What kind of animal was Pumbaa in the movie Lion King? A lion or a warthog?

a warthog

34. Which type of animal was Honest John in the Pinocchio movie? A dog or a fox?

a fox

35. In the Little Mermaid movie, Max was which type of animal? A cat or a dog?

a dog

36. What kind of animal appeared in the movie Aladdin that always wore a hat?


37. Jen Wen was which type of animal in the movie The Black Cauldron? A rat or a pig?

a pig

38. In the famous Disney movie, Tarzan, which animal was Trek? A monkey or a gorilla?

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39. Lago was which type of animal in the movie Aladdin? A sparrow or a parrot?


40. What kind of animal was Thumper in the Disney classic movie, Bambi? A mouse or rabbit?


Disney Princess Trivia Questions And Answers

41. What is the name of the princess that kissed a frog? Cinderella or Tiana?


42. Snow White was the first princess of Disney. True or false?


43. Merida was a Disney princess that had a Scottish accent. True or false?


44. What is the name of the princess featured in the film Tangled?


45. Flounder is the best friend of which princess? Snow White or Ariel?


46. What is the name of the total number of Disney princesses? 20 or 12?


47. The name of Rapunzel’s pet lizard is? Jones or Pascal?


48. What is the name of Sleeping Beauty? Caro or Aurora?


49. What is the name of a Disney princess that is based on a real person? Cinderella or Pocahontas?


50. What is the name of the last Disney princess that was created before the death of Walt Disney?

sleeping beauty

51. What is the name of princesses that were married before they became a princess?

Tiana, Belle, and Cinderella

52. What is the name of the island that Moana is from?


Disney Villain Trivia Questions And Answers

53. What is the name of Simba’s uncle that acted as a villain?


54. The villain in Sleeping Beauty is called?


55. Jafar was not a villain in the Disney movie, Aladdin. True or false?


56. What is the name of the villain in the Disney movie Peter Pan?

Captain Hook

57. Cruella de Vil was a villain in the movie 101 Dalmatians. True or false?


58. In Hercules, a Disney movie, the villain’s name was? Arthur or Hades?


59. Gaston was the villain in Beauty and the Beast. True or false?


60. What is the name of Maleficent’s pet, a raven bird?


61. Lady Tremaine’s cat was named what?


62. Madame Medusa appeared in which of the following Disney movies? Cinderella or The Rescuers?

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The Rescuers

63. In which Disney movie is Honest John a villain?


64. Prince John was a villain in Robin Hood. True or false?


65. What is the name of the Disney movie in which madam mom was a villain?

The Sword in the Stone

66. The name of the villain that has a magic mirror is?

evil queen

67. What is the name of the animal that ate Captain Hook’s hand? Hippopotamus or crocodile?


Disney Channel Trivia Questions And Answers

68. The original Disney Channel movie that had a cat as its mascot was?

High School Musical

69. When was Disney Channel established? 1975 or 1999?


70. What is the name of the sister Channel of Disney Channel?

Disney junior

71. In which year did the Disney Channel original movie The Even Stevens come out? 2000 or 2003?


72. How much does Disney plus cost in a year in the US? $100 or $80


73. Where is the headquarters of the Disney Channel? The United Kingdom or Germany?


74. In which year was Disney Channel relaunched? 2012 or 2014?


Disney Halloween Movie Trivia Questions And Answers

75. In the Disney movie Girl vs Monster, who tried to stop Skylar from continuing her destiny?

a monster demon

76. Who was the pumpkin king of Halloweentown in the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas?

Jack Skellington

77. When was the Disney movie, Invisible Sister Act? 2010 or 2015?


78. What is the name of the person that took Kimberly J. Brown’s place as Marnie Piper?

Sarah Paxton

79. Which year did the movie that is based on the Disneyland ride, Haunted Mansion, released? 2001 or 2003?


80. The Disney movie Tower of Terror is based on a Disneyland ride. True or false?


81. When did Skylar discover that she’s a fifth-generation monster hunter in the movie Girl vs. Monster?

The night before Halloween

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