81 Interesting General Trivia Quiz of The Day

Ready to have some fun answering trivia questions and uncovering new fascinating facts? Try this; What type of very intelligent fish sleeps with one eye open? We created this interesting trivia game to help you test your knowledge on different interesting topics like nature, culture, religion, food, geography, movies, books, brands, and more. I have also included the answer to every question after the question for essay access. Trust me, you will appreciate every moment you spent on this trivia. Let’s get started. Download 200 Interesting General Trivia Questions and Answers pdf for Free.

1. The part that spins in a helicopter is called? Answer: rotor blades

2. Which British prime minister was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature? Answer: Sir Winston Churchill

3. The Atlantic ocean touched Switzerland, True or False? Answer: False

4. What is the largest South American country by landmass? Answer: Brazil


5. When was the Atlantic ocean crossed using a solo non-stop plane? Answer: 1927

6. Which is the slimiest animal in the world? Answer: Hagfish

7. What cut of meat is used for making bacon? Answer: Pork Belly

8. In avatar the last airbender, what creature taught Toph how to earthbend? Answer: Badgermole

9. “Better ingredients, better pizza” is the advertising slogan of which company? Answer: Papa John’s Pizza

10. Answer: The Diary of a Young Girl

11. What is the name of the oldest known fish in the sea? Answer: Greenland shark

12. The first people to sail around Africa are known as? Answer: Phoenicians

13. Oceans get their salt from rocks, True or False? Answer: True

14. What mail company was originally known as America Online? Answer: AOL

15. Muslims are restricted from consuming pork, True or False? Answer: True

16. How many ghosts visit Scrooge in Charles Dickens’s book “Christmas Carol”? Answer: 4

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17. What country has pyramids older than Egypt? Answer: Sudan


18. Are birds Warm-blooded or cold-blooded? Answer: warn-blooded

19. What is the official language of Mexico? Answer: Spanish

20. What cut of beef is used for beef in Wellington? Answer: fillet steak, beef tenderloin, or filet mignon.

21. What are the colors of the Ukraine flag? Answer: blue and yellow

22. The European perch is the national dish of which country? Answer: Finland

23. Which state will you find the biggest Walmart in the united states? Answer: NY

24. Who is the father of Miss Quentin in The Sound and the Fury? Answer: Dalton Ames

25. Which state did the US purchase from Russia in 1867? Answer: Alaska

26. What is the most consumed meat in the world? Answer: Chicken

27. Which sea is the most overfished in the world? Answer: The Mediterranean

28. What are the citizens of Norway called? Answer: Norwegians

29. The fastest steam train ever made is? Answer: Mallard

30. “Chicken Parmigiana” is made from which chicken part? Answer: Breast

31. Which religion did Druze religion originally develop out of? Answer: Ismaili Islam

32. Which country is it believed that Saint Thomas introduced Christianity to? Answer: India

33. What is the Jewish holy book called? Answer: Torah

34. Which river was Nigeria named after? Answer: Niger

35. What is the largest country in Africa by landmass? Answer: Algeria

36. What is the capital of Canada? Answer: Ottawa

37. Which country did stilton cheese originate from? Answer: England

38. Which country is home to the most volcanos? Answer: Indonesia

39. Which place was the home of the Wright brothers? Answer: Ohio

40. How many times better is dolphins hearing when compared to humans? Answer: 10 times

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41. In which country was the first standard time adopted? Answer: New Zealand

42. Four-wheel drives were introduced with which car? Answer: Jensen FF

43. How many arms and tentacles do a squid have? Answer: 8 arms and 2 tentacles

44. What is the name of twitter’s bird? Answer: Larry T Bird

45. Which fast-food chain has the most locations in the world? Answer: Subway

46. Which fish generate the most electricity? Answer: the electric eel

47. How often is “Rolling Stone” magazine published? Answer: Bi-Weekly

48. Adult goat’s meat is called what? Answer: chevon

49. The first underground railway was built in which year? Answer: 1863

50. Which ocean is the Great Barrier Reef located in? Answer: the Pacific Ocean

51. What is the name of the cut of beef that hangs between the rib and the lion? Answer: Hanger steak

52. What is the character in William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” who played the dead court jester? Answer: Yorick.

53. In the avenger’s endgame who is the boy at tony stark’s funeral? Answer: Harley Keener

54. The Indian ocean covers what percent of the earth’s surface? Answer: 14%

55. Which fish has the shortest lifespan? Answer: The Sign Eviota, Eviota sigillata

56. Christmas Island is nearest to which country? Answer: Indonesia

57. What product is Rolex famous for? Answer: watch

58. Who wrote the book Stranger in a Strange Land? Answer: Robert Anson Heinlein

59. Which is the fastest fish in the world? Answer: The Sailfish

60. The first European that landed in North America was? Answer: Leif Ericson

61. The island of San Andrés is located in which country? Answer: Colombia

62. What is the most popular species of fish to keep as a pet? Answer: Goldfish

63. The oldest restaurant in the world is in which country? Answer: Spain

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64. Buzkashi is the national sport of which country? Answer: Afghanistan

65. Which is the world’s 4th largest ocean? Answer: Southern Ocean.

66. On average, how many panels are used to make an airplane cabin window? Answer: 3 panels

67. Which river connects Lake Ngardok with the sea? Answer: The Ngerdorch River

68. Who is the author of the book, “Lord Of The Flies”? Answer: William Golding.

69. Which part of the body do fish use to breathe and pull air? Answer: Gills

70. Chocolate chip cookies were invented in which year? Answer: 1938

71. What type of very intelligent fish sleeps with one eye open? Answer: Dolphin.

72. What was the first food eaten in space? Answer: Apple sauce

73. Who did Savannah marry in Nicholas Sparks’ book “Dear John”? Answer: Tim

74. The largest underwater waterfall in the world? Answer: The Denmark Strait cataract

75. Where do carp originate from? Answer: Asia

76. Victoria Falls is a waterfall on which river? Answer: Zambezi River

77. Is gifting pointed and sharp gifts considered right or wrong in the Netherlands? Answer: wrong

78. What countries did Halloween originate from? Answer: Ancient Britain and Ireland

79. A rib-eye is a cut of which kind of meat? Answer: beef rib

80. Consuming too much meat may increase the risk of which diseases? Answer: Gout

81. Where are children in Greece are told to throw their teeth? Answer: Roof

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