81 Interesting Money Heist Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Money Heist Trivia Questions and Answers

Money Heist team defending themselves (Photo: Netflix)

What was the number of robberies Berlin pulled off before the main heist? I guess this question will be easy for you to answers if you are a fan of Money Heist like myself. Well if you don’t know the answer, don’t go hard on yourself as you will find the answer and answers to many more interesting Money Heist trivia questions covering all seasons of this fascinating movie. Sit back and enjoy this money Heist trivia game because you will find out soon that this trivia game is as fun as the movie itself. Check the correct answers by clicking on the “Show Answer” button:

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1. What is the total number of people that the Professor recruited to carry out the Heist? 10, 9, or 8?


2. Almost all the characters in the movie had the name of important cities in the world. True or false?


3. Professor had eye problems in real life which made him wear glasses. True or false?


4. What is the unofficial city name of Professor? Paris or Vatican city?

Vatican city


5. Moscow’s occupation before turning to crime was? Doctor or Miner?


6. What is the name of the movie director? Jack Ramos or Jesus Colmenar?

Jesus Colmenar

7. Season 3 of Money Heist was not supposed to happen before which company revived it?


8. What was the original name of the show?

LA Casa De Papel

9. The first two seasons of Money Heist were shot at Madrid in Spain. True or false?


10. Who was the person that decided to name the main character’s city names?

The movie director

11. What is the name of the other movie on Netflix that the producer of Money Heist worked on in 2020?

white lines

12. What is the total amount of money that was planned to be stolen by the gang in the Royal mint of Spain? £5 billion or £2.4 billion?

£2.4 billion

13. What is the real name of Tokyo in the show?

Silene Oliveira

14. Before his Heist days, what was the crime that Rio always committed? Sniper man or computer hacking?

computer hacking

15. Alicia Sierra took over whose job at the police force?

Raquel Murillo

16. Denver was instructed by who to dispose of hostage Monica? Tokyo or Berlin?


17. Axel was the name of whose son in the series? Berlin or Nairobi?



18. What was the number of robberies that Berlin committed before the Heist? 50 or 27?


19. While carrying out the royal mint robbery, what was the name of the professor?

Salvador ‘Salva’ Martins

20. What was the name of Lisbon before she was given the name “Lisbon”?

Raquel Murillo

21. Arturo was shot by Manila at which part of the body? The hand or the leg?

The leg

22. Helsinki originally came from which country? Argentina or Serbia?


23. Bogota claims to have how many children? 5 or 7?


24. Moscow was shot by the police in the process of the Heist. True or false?


25. Which of the following football stars made a cameo for Money Heist? Karim Benzema or Neymar Jnr?

Neymar jnr

26. Which medical condition was Raquel’s mother suffering from?

Alzheimer’s disease

27. How many siblings does Raquel have? 4 or 2?


28. What was the professor’s first name? Andre or Sergio?


29. What did Neymar Junior act as in his cameo? A monk or a banker?

a monk

30. Which continent of the world was not represented in the naming of the characters?


31. What is the name of the country that Raquel tracked down the professor? USA,  Philippines, or Japan?


32. What is the name of the character that talked about Stockholm syndrome? Tokyo or Nairobi?


33. What is the name of the person that declared himself the leader of the team? Moscow or Berlin?


34. How many years did the cop tell the professor that he (professor) was to serve? 3-10 years or 1-4 years?

1-4 years

35. How many members of the team are considered dead in the first three parts of Money Heist? 2,4, or 3


36. What is the name of the person that said “Thieves are caught on the run. We need to rile ‘em up a bit”?


37. Berlin did not die after multiple shots by the police. True or false?


38. In the first three parts of Money Heist, how many episodes were released? 21, 22, or 23?


39. What was the name of Berlin’s girlfriend? Alicia or Tatiana?


40. How long did it take the professor to plan the robbery? 8 months, 10 months, or years?


41. Who was the person that birthed the idea of the Heist? Professor or Professor’s father?

The professor’s father

42. How many people held hostage were able to escape? 20 or 16?


43. What was the full name of the professor?

Sergio Marquina

44. Oslo died when he was hit by one of the hostages. True or false?


45. What is the name of the protest song that was used in Money Heist?

Bella Ciao

46. The original name directly translates to the current movie name. True or false?


47. What is the name of the mask that was worn by the main characters?

Dali mask

48. Was money Heist inspired by real-life occurrences? Yes or no?


49. What is the name of the actor that acted in Helsinki?

Darko Peric

50. What were the gold bars in Money Heist made of? Real gold, iron, or foam?


51. What is the name of the Money Heist creator?

Alex Pina

52. Was Nairobi part of the original script of Money Heist? Yes or No?


53. The name that was given to Tokyo in the show was inspired by what? A country or a shirt?

a shirt

54. Where did they shoot all the mint scenes? The Royal Mint of Spain or the Spanish National Research Council Building?

The Spanish National Council Building

55. How much is the budget for seasons 1 to 5 of this show? $60 million or $40 million?

$40 million

56. In which year was the show originally premiered? 2018 or 2017?


57. Was the show written from the beginning to the end before it was produced or was it written bit by bit?

It was written bit by bit

58. What is the name of the costume designer of the show?

Carloz Diez

59. How many jumpsuits were made for the main characters of the show? 600 or 400?


60. Was Tokyo meant to be the narrator in Money Heist? Yes or no?


61. Denver (Jaime Lorene) earned in each episode of the movie? $70k or $65k?


62. Money Heist is Netflix’s most-watched non-English series of the year? 2021 or 2020?


63. What is the name of the actor that played Denver in the series?

Jaime Lorente

64. Did Arturo use real flamethrowers while filming the show? Yes or no?


65. How many million streams did Money Heist get in the year 2020? 40 million or 65 million?

65 million

66. The actor that played the character Denver was employed because he had the trashy laughter that the production crew needed. True or false?


67. What is the name of the Spanish channel that aired the first season of Money Heist? Antenna 2 or antenna 3?

antenna 3

68. How many millions of viewers did the first episode of this show draw? 2 million or 4.5 million?

4.5 million

69. What is the rating of Money Heist IMDB rating of Money Heist?


70. How much did Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) earn per episode? $150k or $100k


71. Who was the person that inspired the Dali mask that the characters wore?

a Spanish artist

72. What were the toughest scenes to shoot according to the producer?

The money shower scene and the scuba

73. Money Heist is the most viewed Netflix series in Argentina. True or false?


74. All the members of the gang were originally going to be terminally ill at the end of the movie. True or false?


75. Even before Netflix picked the show up, Money Heist was a success. True or false?


76. Before Netflix picked the show up, how many percent of the viewers tuned in when the final of the Money Heist was aired? more than 50% or less than 50%

Less than 50%

77. Professor was supposed to be the one narrating the show. True or false?


78. How much did the Professor (Alvaro Morte) earn per episode? $200k or $120k?


79. According to the show creators, which character was the hardest to develop? Professor or Tokyo?


80. How many auditions did the Professor do before he was chosen for the role? 7 or 5?


81. How much did Netflix purchase Money Heist?


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