81 Interesting NFL Trivia Questions And Answers

NFL Trivia Questions And Answers

The NFL (The National Football League) formed in 1920, is the football league of America consisting of 32 teams. If you are a fan of the NFL, the following set of trivia questions will help you to expand your knowledge on this popular and interesting sport.

1. What is the nickname of New Orleans?


2. A team gets two extra points for doing what?

When the ball is taken to the end zone by them

3. For a field goal, how many points are given?

Three points

4. Are players fined for being overweight?



5. Before or after a play, what penalty occurs?

Dead ball

6. The biggest score in a football match is?

A touchdown

7. The original name of the Chicago Bears was?

Decatur Stanley’s

8. In 2020, who won the super bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs

9. Who invented the flex defense in NFL?

Dallas coach, Tom Landry

10. Despite his team losing, who was awarded the MVP in the super bowl?

Chuck Howley

11. The founder of New York Giant is?

Time Mara

12. How much does a beginner in NFL earn per year?

$420,000 per year.

13. Is spearing an illegal tackle?


14. How many football teams does the city of Los Angeles have?

2 teams

15. Which game was called the greatest game ever played in NFL?

The 1958 championship between New York Giants and The Baltimore Colts

16. The first American football game was played in which year?


17. How many teams make up NFL?



18. Which team won the first super bowl?

Green Bay Packers

19. What is the number of stadiums in the NFL?


20. What is the length of a football field?

120 yards

21. Does the game start with a?


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22. The first player to throw 4,000 yards a season was?

Joe Namath

23. What is the name of the last team in 2008 that went undefeated?

Tennessee Titans

24. How many NFL teams are in National Football Conference

16 teams

25. what gift did Lawrence Taylor request after he played his last game?

A referee’s yellow flag

26. The first quarterback to throw more than 10 touchdown passes in his career is?

Frank Gifford

27. What is the name of Walter Payton’s brother that played in the NFL?


28. The NFL-AFL merger took place in which year?


29. The last team to win the NFL before the 1970 merger was?

Kansas City Chiefs

30. During his high school, what was Emmitt Smith’s jersey number?


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31. What is the name of the college that Brian Urlacher attended?

New Mexico

32. In the 1999 NFL overall draft, who was the first overall pick?

Tim Couch

33. The name of the Heisman winner that left for the NBA because he was disappointed with the draft is?

Charlie Ward

34. Which player won the AP offensive player of the year award in 2011?

Drew Bress

35. What is the nickname of Bill Parcells?

The Big Tuna

36. Which team did Frank Reich coach?

Indianapolis Colts

37. What is the name of the person that coached the Oakland Raiders for the 2011 season?

Hue Jackson

38. In the 2018 NFL draft, who won the first pick?

Cleveland Browns

39. The AP coach of the year in 2014 was?

Bruce Arians

40. Before joining the Vikings, what is the name of the team that Ricky Williams played for?

Washington Redskins

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41. San Diego Chargers lost to which team in the 2008 divisional playoffs?

Pittsburgh Steelers

42. What is the name of the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2008?

Andy Reid

43. Ricky Williams was suspended in 2005 for how many games?

4 games

44. The 2017 Walter Payton’s man of the year award was?

J. J. Watt

45. What is the name of the person that was fined $13,000 for his touchdown celebration?

Marcus Peters

46. In 2014, what was the NFL season salary cap?

$133 million

47. The NFL championship game was transmitted through which network?


48. QB Cam Newton was feet tall?

6ft 9 inch

49. The NFL defensive rookie of the year 2002 was?

Julius Pepper

50. What is the name of the college that QB Jay Cutler attended?


51. What is the name of the sports brand that ended its association with the NFL in 2011?


52. The Dallas Cowboys leading rusher in 2008 was?

Marion barber

53. What is the name of the first professional footballer that ran more than 2000 yards in a season?

O. J. Simpson

54. The team that has won the first five Super Bowls they have played in is?


55. The ex-jet that was legally blind in one eye was?

Wesley Walker

56. Whose record did Randy Moss break in 2007?

Jerry Rice

57. In the 2003-2004 season, which team opened the season?

Jets and Redskins

58. The team that was drafted by Eric Croutch was?

St. Louis Rams

59. Jerry Rice attended which college?

Mississippi Valley State

60. Emmitt Smith played his college ball where?


61. What is the name of the first team to win their first 18 games of the season both regular, playoff, and championship?

New England Patriots

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62. In the 1977 film “Black Sunday”, which football team was on the field?

Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers

63. In 1988, a team set the record of getting 39 first downs in one game, what is their name?

New York Jets

64. In his Escambia career, how many yards did Emmitt Smith run?

8,801 yards

65. What happened on the 20th December 1980 game between the Dolphins and Jets?

There were no TV announcers

66. The team known as the Dolphins is?


67. The part of the field that one must step into for a touchdown is?

The end zone

68. What is the function of a WR?

Catches pass

69. The deflate-gate scandal was caused by which team?


70. Who was suspended for four games after the Deflategate scandal?

Tom Brady

71. The first superstar of the NFL was?

Red Grange

72. The player on the football team that throws the ball is called?

A quarterback

73. The player that hit a sports reporter during a live broadcast was?

Joe Namath

74. The star wideout that didn’t catch at least 100 passes in a single season was?

Andre Reed

75. Before 1993, what was “Madden NFL” known as?

John Madden Football

76. In the 1980s, which team had the most wins?

San Francisco 49ers

77. The most lopsided score in the NFL championship was?


78. The official penalty marker is of which color?


79. Which place was the Pro Bowl of the 1990s played?


80. Which Team is known as the “Steel Curtain”?

Pittsburgh Steelers

81. The first team on the west coast was?

Los Angeles Rams

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