81 Interesting Prison Break Trivia Questions And Answers

Interesting Prison Break Trivia Questions And Answers

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Are you a fan of Prison Break that have respected all the seasons of this fascinating movie more than 5 times like myself? Then you should try these interesting trivia questions. I promised that this Prison Break Trivia will not only be fun but also take you down the memory lane of some interesting scenes and twists of this interesting movie full of actions.

1. What is the name of the Guy that told Michael “welcome to prisneyland, fish”?


2. Veronica and Lincoln were coupled as teenagers. True or false?


3. What did Michael try to get Haywire to remember when he was transferred to the psych ward?

missing piece of the blueprint tattoo


4. In Prison Break Cou ring Down Part 3, what was the name of the town in Montana that Nick and Veronica found several phone calls going there? Cheyenne or Blackfoot?


5. Who helped Michael to get the uniform he needed to scope out the “whack shack”? Fernando or Fernando’s cousin?

Fernando’s cousin

6. What was the name of Lincoln’s father? Aldo or Kellerman?


7. The prison’s only doctor is of which gender? Male or female?


8. What did Michael use to get access to a default water pipe? Kitchen utensils or fire?

kitchen utensils

9. What is the name of Michael’s attorney? Veronica Williams or Veronica Donovan?

Veronica Donovan

10. Lincoln fathered a son with Lisa. True or false?


11. Who was the person that joined Michael’s plan in the dying minute because he needed to visit his dying daughter? Walter or Westmoreland?


12. Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows are not brothers. True or false?


13. What was the reason why Michael was in jail?

to get Lincoln out

14. Lincoln was convicted of murdering which man? Fred Washington or Terrance Steadman?

Terrance Steadman

15. What is the name of the actor that played the role of Michael?

Wentworth Miller

16. Did Lincoln really kill Terrance Steadman? Yes or no?


17. J-Cat is used for prisoners that have mental problems. True or false?



18. The prison doctor was the daughter of which politician? The president or the state governor?

state governor

19. Lisa Rix was played by Jessalyn Gilsig. True or false?


20. What was the full name of Sara’s father? William Tancredi or Frank Tancredi?

Frank Tancredi

21. Originally, what was the amount that C-note had to pay Geary to buy Michael and Sucre’s cell? $1200 or $500?


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22. What is the meaning of the slang “fish” in the prison? Old prisoner or new prisoner?

new prisoner

23. Name the medical condition that Michael invented that precluded him from the transfer?


24. The last name of the man who could have exonerated Lincoln was? Simmons or Williams?


25. How many times did Michael fire into the ceiling in the bank?

2 times

26. In “bluff”, where did Michael meet Haywire? The street or psychiatric hospital?

psychiatric hospital

27. The judge considered Michael as an extraordinary man who couldn’t commit the crime. True or false?


28. During the hold-up in the bank that sent him to prison, what did Michael do? Keep calm or discharge his weapon?

discharge his weapon

29. What is the name of the person that killed Sebastine? Reynolds or Quinn?


30. What is the name of Michael’s cellmate? Jackson or Sucre?


31. After killing Sebastine, how did Quinn contact Veronica? telephone or online chatting program?

Online chatting program

32. What is the name of the person that was transferred to Michael’s cell after Sucre left? Reynolds or Haywire?


33. What was the medical condition of Haywire? Brain tumor or not sleeping at all?

not sleeping at all

34. According to Michael, how far did the cons have to walk to reach the infirmary? 60 feet or 30 feet?

30 feet

35. Where did Sucre meet Maricruz and fall in love with her? Hospital or the street?

in the street

36. What was the name of Sucre’s cousin? Adams or Hector?


37. How did Sucre get the money he needed to buy a ring? His salary or stealing?


38. Who was the person that called the police that led to Sucre being arrested? Maricruz or Hector?


39. What was the name of T-bags new cellmate? Seth or Vic?


40. David was called a tweener because he was not acceptable between the black and white people. True or false?


41. What was the full name of David in the movie? David Linton or David Apolskis?

David Apolskis

42. Where did Michael hide the plan he made to save his brother from prison? His shirt or his tattoo?

his tattoo

43. How much did C-note raise for Jesus? $200 or $74?


44. What is the name of the inmate that stopped T-bags from hurting Abruzzi?


45. Who was the person that said this line “I can have tea with the Grand Wizard of the KKK if I want”? T-bags or C-note?


46. How many years was Michael supposed to serve in the prison? 10 years or 5 years?

5 years

47. In the episode “The Key”, what was the colour of the doctor’s key that Michael was trying to steal?

red and green

48. During the episode “The Rat”, what was the name of the card game that they were playing? Blackjack or Gin Rummy?

Gin Rummy

49. In which episode did Veronica have Terrence Steadman’s corpse exhumed?

By the Skin and the teeth

50. What is Michael’s prison number in the pilot episode? 3724 or 94941?


51. Who was the person that acted as Charles Westmoreland?

Muse Watson

52. How many guns did Michael have with him when he was robbing the bank? 3 or 2?


53. After descending to get Agent Quinn’s cellphone LJ saw Kellerman O Kravecki scratched on the wall. True or false?


54. What was Tweener charged with that made him to be given a 5 years sentence?

Grand larceny

55. What is the name of Michael’s nephew?


56. In the episode “The Rat”, what did the news footage show as the number of executed people that Lincoln will become? 15th or 13th?


57. How long was John Abruzzi’s sentence for his crimes? 50 years or 102 years?

102 years

58. On the phone records in Prison Break season one, what number did Veronica repeatedly say? 129 or 406?


59. Otto Fibonacci was the person that provided an eyewitness in Abruzzi’s trial. True or false?


60. Who was Michael with when he burned his back? C-note or C.O Mark?

C.O Mark

61. What is the name of the person that acted as C-note?

Rockmond Dunbar

62. In which episode did Michael got incarcerated and LJ got caught with Marijuana?

Pilots episode

63. Who was the person that was trying to kill Lincoln by the order of Agent Hale and Kellerman?


64. DI19258Ais the first number in the series of banknotes stolen by D.B. Cooper. True or false?


65. What is the name of the person that played the character T-bags?

Robert Knepper

66. What was the official name of the place where Michael was placed on solitary?

Administrative Segregation

67. Who was Michael trying to discourage by saying “You’ve got to let me deal with this.”? Lincoln or Veronica?


68. C-note was sentenced to how many years imprisonment? 10 years or 8 years?

8 years

69. On the night of the escape in the episode “Go” what was the time for the escape?


70. Which side of the shoulder did Michael burn which had the blueprints? Right or left?


71. How many of the inmates were involved in the final escape? 15 or 10?


72. The inmates got the bars off of the infirmary window using a fire hose and an elevator. True or false?


73. What was the name of Michael’s wife? Julie or Nika?


74. How did LJ talk to Lincoln before the execution? A letter or a cellphone?

a cell phone

75. Michael’s wife helped him to steal Sara’s key and smuggle in a credit card. True or false?


76. What is the name of the actor that acted as Lincoln Burrows?

Dominic Purcell

77. LJ was wanted for the murder of his mother and stepfather. True or false?


78. What is the name of the director of Prison Break? John Glen or Paul T. Scheuring?

Paul T. Scheuring

79. What is the IMDB rating of Prison Break? 7.0 or 8.3?


80. How many seasons does prison break have? 7 or 5?


81. What is the number of episodes that prison break has? 50 or 90?


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