81 Interesting Squid Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Squid Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Squid Game’s reach in global pop culture is unprecedented for a non-English language show (Credit: Netflix)

If you enjoyed Squid Game like myself, then you will certainly enjoy this specially crafted Squid games trivia game. Try this “What was the first game that was played by the players in the Squid game?” I guess this question will be easy for you to answers if you are a fan of the squid game. Well if you don’t know the answer, don’t go hard on yourself as you will find the answer and answers to more interesting trivia questions covering all seasons of this fascinating movie. Sit back and enjoy this squid game trivia question, because you will find out soon that these trivia questions are as fun as the movie itself. Check the correct answers by clicking on the “Show Answer” button:

1. There were more than 456 players playing the game. True or false?


2. What was the first game that was played by the players in the Squid game?

Red-Green light

3. What is the name of the player that bearded number 456?

Seong Gi-Hun

4. What is the total number of games that were played by the players? 8 or 6?



5. Which shape do the employees with the highest authority have on their masks? Circle or Square?


6. The player that had number 001 was who?

Oh Il-Nam

7. What is the name of the second game?

The honeycomb challenge

8. What shape did the employees that took away the dead bodies have? rectangle or circle?


9. In pouches, what number of marbles were the players given? 12, 8, or 10?


10. The married couples that played the game had which numbers? 12 and 13 or 69 and 70?

69 and 70

11. Jang Deok-Su had what number while playing the game? 121 or 101?


12. Which of the Korean countries was this movie based on? North or South?

South Korea

13. In the honeycomb game, how many shapes were given to the players to scrape out? 5, 7, or 4?


14. Blue was the color of the doll that participated in the red light, green light game. True or false?


15. What number of players took part in the glass Glass Bridge? 20 or 16?


16. Tug of War was the third game that was played. True or false?


17. While playing the game red light, green light, how many contestants were killed? 233 or 255?



18. What was the original name of the movie? Red Line or Round six?

round six

19. What is the color of the uniform that the players wore? Red or green?


20. The game that involved a fight that was played in the movie was?

glass bridge

21. Some scenes of the movie were shot in the United Kingdom. True or false?


22. Did Heo Sung-Tae win an Oscar for acting squid game? Yes or no?


23. Gi-hun fed a stray cat with the mackerel he was given. True or false?


24. Kang Sae-Byeok wore which number in the game? 034 or 067?


25. How much was offered to Seong Gi-hun by the salesman to play Ddakji with him? ₩100,000 or ₩150,000?


26. What were the roles that Hwang Dong-hyuk played in Squid Game?

the writer and director

27. Cho Sang Woo wore which number? 213 or 218?


28. How many very important people are there in the game?

4 VIPs

29. What is the profession of the player that wore number 111? An engineer or a doctor?

a doctor

30. What is the name of the fourth game that was played?


31. The meal that contained a single boiled egg came with what? Bread or cider?


32. Which number did the player that committed suicide after stealing gun wear? 168 or 119?


33. The first series of the franchise contains how many episodes? 7or 9?


34. What is the name of the man that wore a black mask and clothing?


35. Sang-woo replaced Ali’s Marble with rocks. True or false?


36. What particular thing did the players have in common? Profession or debt?


37. What killed the players while playing the first game, red light, green light?


38. What is the PG-rating of Squid Game? 16 or 13?


39. Some of the actors that played Squid Game are not from Korea. True or false?


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40. Does Squid Game have a jumpscare rating? Yes or No?


41. Which of the following characters in the squid game was in prison for killing? Oh Il-Nam or Ji-Yeong?


42. Where was Kang Sae-byeok’s mother staying? North Korea or South Korea?

North Korea

43. Han Mi-nyeo sneaked in with contraband, what was there?

cigarettes and lighter

44. Who did Ji-Yeong kill that led her to prison? Sister or Father?


45. What is the name of the ailment that OH Il-nam was suffering from? Cancer or Brain Tumor?

brain tumour

46. Jang Deok-Su tattooed which animal on his neck and face? Lion or snake?


47. The VIP who was killed by Hwang Jun-ho wore what type of animal mask? Tiger or Panther?


48. What is the name of the person that created the movie for Netflix?

Hwang Dong-hyuk

49. Does Squid Game have a comedy genre? Yes or no?


50. Is the movie made up of more than one season? Yes or no?

1 season

51. Did Squid Game ever top the US Netflix chart? Yes or No?


52. The girl that did the voice-over for the doll during the red light, green light game, was she allowed watching the movie by her parents? Yes or No?


53. What did Gi-hun gift the daughter during her birthday? Shoe or Gun lighter?

gun lighter

54. What is the name of the player that wore the number 199?

Abdul Ali

55. The final game that was played in the movie was?

Squid game

56. What was the profession of Hwang Jun-ho? Nurse or police officer?

police officer

57. Before playing the final game, what meal was given to the players? Hamburger or T-steak?


58. In all the 456 players, how many made it to the final game? 4 or 2?


59. Which city did Ji-hun’s daughter move to? Paris or Los Angeles?

Los Angeles

60. It was found out that Hwang Jun-ho’s brother was the? VIP or frontman?


61. Who was killed by Sang-woo to make it to the final?


62. Which clause did Gi-hun invoke before the end of the game? Clause three or clause one?

clause three

63. Did Lee Jung-Jae serve in a restaurant? Yes or no?


64. The shapes that were given to the clothes of the employees were how many in number?


65. Who did Gi-hun give half of the money that he won? His mother or Sang-woo’s mother?

Sang-woo’s mother

66. One year after the game, did Gi-hun spend his money? Yes or no?

No, he barely touched it.

67. Kim Joo-ryoung is a model for Vogue magazine. True or false?


68. The first player to die in the game wore which number? 326 or 324


69. What was the shape of Abdul Ali’s cookie in the honeycomb game? Square or circle?


70. What number did the glassmaker with 30 years of experience wear? 242 or 017?


71. What was the color of Gi-hun’s hair dye? Yellow or red?


72. During the first episode of the movie, what did Gi-hun continuously bet on? Football or horse racing?

horse racing

73. During the Red-Green Light game, who stopped Gi-hun from falling?

Abdul Ali

74. Are the reviews of Squid games above average? Yes or no?


75. The Korean street game that was played with folded paper tiles was? Squid game or DDakji


76. Did Abdul Ali make it to the final game in the movie? Yes or no?


77. The name of the movie was inspired by a Korean children’s game. True or false?


78. Did the final two contestants engage in a knife fight? Yes or no?


79. The police were looking for which of the players because of financial crime?


80. What was the first thing that Gi-hun did with his money after winning? Buy a house or dye his hair?

dye his hair

81. Which of the players said “We’re in hell here. There are no rules in hell.”?

player 101

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