81 Interesting The Simpsons Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting The Simpsons Trivia Questions and Answers

The Simpsons are one of the most popular and longest TV shows ever created, which became a fundamental part of some children’s lives. It is in Springfield that this show is based and the major characters are Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie.  The following The Simpsons trivia game that we have uniquely created will deliver the full fun just like The Simpsons movie. Grab a cup of coffee or anything that will keep you relaxed and starting answer,  click on the “Show Answer” to see the answers to the questions you answered:

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1. What is the name of the person that created the Simpsons? Matt Samson or Matt Groening?

Matt Groening

2. What is the name of the broadcasting company that created this sitcom?

Fox Broadcasting Company

3. In the nuclear family of the Simpsons, how many are there? 7 or 5?


4. The Simpsons family lived at 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield town. True or false?



5. How many children do Homer and Marge have? 4 or 3?


6. What is the full name of Bart? Matthew Bart Simpson or Bartholomew Jojo Simpson?

Bartholomew Jojo Simpson

7. What is the name of the dog that the Simpsons had? Bingo or Santa’s Little Helper?

Santa’s Little Helper

8. What was the job that Homer was employed in? A doctor or nuclear safety inspector?

Nuclear safety inspector

9. What is the number of cats that the Simpsons family had? 2 or 5?


10. What is the name of the person in the Simpsons family that was a vegetarian? Homer or Lisa?


11. The natural color of Margie’s hair is? Yellow or Grey?


12. What is the name of the current cat that the Simpsons own? James or snowball?


13. Between Bart and Lisa Simpson, who is older than the other? Lisa or Bart?


14. What is the catchphrase of Mr. Burns? Great or excellent?


15. What is the maiden name of Marge? Lizzy or Bouvier?


16. Mr. Burns is a mediocre businessman. True or false?


17. What was the age of Bart Simpson? 15 or 10?



18. Are Patty and Selma the twin sisters of Marge? Yes or no?


19. How old was Lisa Simpson? 12 years or 8 years?

8 years

20. What is the name of the bar that Homer frequently drinks from? Joe’s bar or Moe’s bar?

Moe’s bar

21. What is the intelligence quotient of Lisa Simpson? 200 or 159?


22. What did Bart want as his Christmas present in the first episode of season one? Car or tattoo?


23. Who was the girlfriend of Milhouse? Caro Stanky or Samantha Stanky?

Samantha Stanky

24. What is the name of the person that Marge went to for her High school’s senior prom? Vicky or Artie?


25. What is the number of fingers that The Simpsons had? 6 or 4 on each hand?

4 on each hand

26. The name of the clown on channel number 6 was? Krusty or Blanky?


27. Who was the person that shot Mr. Burn for stealing her lollipop? Lisa or Marge?


28. “D’oh” is an expression of disappointment when things go against the plan in the Simpsons. True or false?


29. Who was the only person that had five fingers on each hand? Homer or god?


30. The Simpsons is not a primetime comedy series. True or false?


31. What is the color of the Simpsons body? Yellow or orange?


32. How many seasons do the Simpsons have to date? 28 or 32?


33. What is the name of the person that voiced Homer? Dan Castellaneta or Ralph Castellaneta?

Dan Castellaneta

34. What is the name of the person that destroyed the part of Lisa’s world? Homer or Bart?


35. Who was the person that voiced Bart Simpson?

Nancy Cartwright

36. What is the phrase that is written on the t-shirt of Martin on the gremlin on the bus episode? Lee computers or Wang computers?

Wang computers

37. What is the name of the person that voiced Lisa? Will Smith or Yeardley Smith?

Yeardley Smith

38. Monkey’s Paw episode was the episode where he wished for a sandwich. True or false?


39. What is the name of the person that voiced Marge?

Julie Kavner

40. What is that thing that Homer gets for free when he buys a Krusty the Klown doll? Coupon code or frogurt?


41. Does the person who voiced Matt Groening have the same name as the character? Yes or no?


42. Who is the person that is the head vampire? Lisa or Marge?


43. Matt Groening instead of Frank Welker was the person who did Santa’s little helper’s voice? True or false?


44. How many characters did Harry Shearer voice? 6 or 4?


45. What went wrong with the sandwich that Homer wished for? Sour or the meat was a little dry?

The meat was a little dry

46. What is the date that the Simpsons first aired? 17 December 1989 or 17 December 1990?

17 December 1989

47. Julia Louis Dreyfus was the one that voiced Gloria. Yes or no?


48. Pierce Brosnan wasn’t the voice of Simpson’s new hi-tech security system. True or false?


49. Did Bart witness Snake rob the Kwiki Mart while Homer gets a hair transplant? Yes or no?


50. What is the name of the person that voiced Martin prince?

Russi Taylor

51. Is every season of the Simpsons aired during Halloween? Yes or no?


52. Was an episode of the gremlin on the bus a skit on The Twilight Zone? Yes or no?


53. What is the name of the magazine that named it the best TV show of the 20th century? Forbes or Times Magazine?

Times Magazine

54. Who was the person that founded Springfield?

Jebediah Springfield

55. What was Homer on trial for eating? Apple or donuts?


56. Was Benedict part of the jury on Homer’s trial for eating the forbidden donut? Yes or no?


57. What is Homer depicted in the show? A hateful father or a loving father?

A loving father

58. What type of family were the Simpsons? British or American family?

American family

59. Was Kelsey Grammer, the person that provides the voice for sideshow bob in the show, a former “Cheers” star? Yes or no?


60. What is the catchphrase of Ned Flanders? Hold it or Okilly-dokilly?


61. The production company that produced this show was?

Gracie films

62. “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!” was the famous quote of who? Ned Flanders or Rainier Wolfcastle?

Rainier Wolfcastle

63. “Alf Pogs! Remember Alf? He’s back In Pog form” was whose quote? Homer or Milhouse Van Houten?

Milhouse Van Houten

64. What was the time it took to complete the episodes? 2 months or 5 months?

5 months

65. Fox orders a certain amount of episodes of any season from Gracie Films for them to broadcast. True or false?


66. What is the word that Homer commonly speaks? Oh well or D’oh?


67. What is the name of the person that usually says “Ohhh, I’ve wasted my life”? Marge or comic book guy?

Comic book guy

68. In which season was Elizabeth Taylor featured? Season 3 or season 4?

Season 4

69. How many writers are there in the production crew? 10 or 16?


70. “Ay, caramba” was the famous quote of who? Bart or Homer?


71. The Simpsons are also available in a video game. True or false?


72. Which company that works in animation collaborated with Fox on the first three seasons?

Klasky Csupo

73. What is the name of the writer of the Simpsons theme song? Celine Dion or Danny Elfman?

Danny Elfman

74. What is the name of the character that sang the “testify” song?

Bart and his friends

75. When did the production crew start using ink and paint for the animation? Season 2 or season 4?

Season 4

76. Has the theme song of the TV show, the Simpsons, won any award. Yes or no?


77. What is the name of the cartoon that inspired the Itchy & Scratchy Show? Lion King or Tom and Jerry?

Tom and Jerry

78. The retirement home where Homer’s father lives is called?

Springfield Retirement Castle

79. How many marriages has Krusty The Clown had? 3 or 15?


80. What is the name of the person that usually appears as the devil that is a Springfield resident? Mr. Burn or Ned Flanders?

Ned Flanders

81. How many types of duff beer were served in season 4 episode 16 Duffless? 7 or 5?


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