81 James Bond Trivia Questions and Answers

James Bond Trivia Questions And Answers

Daniel Craig makes his final outing as James Bond in No Time To Die (Picture: Rex)

James Bond is a movie series that was created in 1953 that had a huge impact on the pop culture of the people then. It made people introduce themselves with their last names. James Bond is certainly interesting, especially for Bonds fans like myself. So I have created this fun trivia game from interesting scenes and makeups of this amazing movie. These fun trivia questions will certainly bring back the memories and emotions of a true James Bond Movie. Click on the “Show Answer” to see the answers to the questions you are answering:

1. According to Ian Fleming, an American Omithologist inspired by James Bond. True or false?


2. Pierce Brosnan did not make his first appearance in a James Bond movie in the GoldenEye. True or false?


3. 007 works for which military service? A. Military Intelligence Section 6 B. Military Intelligence section 7? C. Military Intelligence section 007

Military Intelligence section 6

4. What is the name of the first movie in the James Bond franchise? A. Goldfinger B. Dr. No C. Live and let die

Dr. No


5. Who was the person that performed the James Bond theme song? A. Celine Dion B. Carly Simon

Carly Simon

6. What were the initials that were on the coffin at the beginning of ThunderBalls? A. J.C B. J.B


7. 007 is a code number that refers to the breaking of the German WW1 diplomatic code. True or false?


8. James Bond’s ancestral home was? A. Skynight Lodge  B. Skyfall lodge

Skyfall lodge

9. What is the name of the James Bond series that was not based on a book?

The Spy Who Loved Me

10. Bernard Lee has acted as M in the official series how many times?


11. What is the name of the person that hijacked James Bond’s helicopter in “For Your Eyes Only”?

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

12. Maud Adams played the Bond girl role in Sean Connery’s 1983 comeback Never Say Never Again. True or false?


13. What is the name of the actor that has played the James Bond role the most times? A. Daniel Craig B. Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee

14. Bond’s family coat of arms motto wasn’t Orbis Non-Sufficit. True or false?


15. What is the name of the James Bond film that was originally meant to be a prequel?

The living daylight

16. What is the name of the event that Bond tracked Dominic Greene to in Quantum of Solace?


17. Which part of the body was Dr No missing? A. Leg  B. hands



18. The profession of Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough was? A. A lawyer B.  nuclear physicists

Nuclear physicist

19. In Diamonds Are Forever who helped James Bond at the craps table?

Plenty O’toole

20. In From Russia With Love, MI6 installed what object on the floor of the Russian consulate? A. Bomb B. periscope


21. In the movie The Man with the Golden Gun, who was the villain?


22. In the pre-credits scene of You Only Live Twice, who was the person that died? A. Scaramanga B. Bond


23. Paul McCartney and the Wings performed the theme song for Live and Let Die. True or false?


24. George Lazenby was the third actor to portray James Bond in the franchise. True or false?

False, he was the second

25. Butterflies are what M collects in the movie. True or false?


26. In the movie Diamonds Are Forever, Bond recognizes Wint and Kidd using? A. Scars B. aftershave

after shave

27. In From Russia With Love, who invented the Lektor, the code machine?


28. In You Only Live Twice, the vehicle Q issues 007 was?

Little Nellie

29. When did James Bond’s parents die? When he was a teenager or when he was a child?

When he was a child

30. What is the name of the person that played the Sheriff, J.W. Pepper in Live and Let Die?

Clinton James

31. Shirley Bassey sang more than one James bond theme song. True or false?


32. The James Bond novels were published in which year?

1953 to 1966

33. In The Spy Who Loved Me, a ticker-tape watch was used to summon James Bond to the headquarters? True or false?


34. What is the name of the Bond movie that was narrated from a female’s point of view? The Spy Who Loved Me or Live and Let Die?

The Spy Who Loved Me

35. Phuket Island wasn’t Scaramanga’s hideout base. True or false?


36. In what movie was Bond pushed out of the plane without a parachute? Live and Let Die or Moonraker?


37. The Lady Rose was the name of Kara Milovy’s cello in The Living Daylights. True or false?


38. What is the name of the car that James Bond drives in Moonraker?


39. Officially, what is the title of James Bond? Lieutenant General or Commander, Royal Navy?

Commander, Royal Navy

40. Hannes Oberhausen wasn’t Bond’s temporary guardian after his parents died. True or false?


41. Gladys Knight was the one that sang the Licence to Kill theme song. True or false?


42. What was James Bond celebrating during the opening scenes of Licence to Kill?

Felix and Dallas wedding

43. The name of Milton Krest’s boat is? Maverick or The WaveCrest?

The Wavecrest

44. How many people did Bond kill to get his ’00’ agent status? 4 or 2 people?


45. What was the name of Bond’s mother? Julian Bond or Monique Delacroix Bond?

Monique Delacroix Bond

46. John Glen has directed how many James Bond movies? 7 or 5


47. Casino Royale (1967) and Never Say Never Again (1983) were produced by?

Eon productions

48. James Bond killed Dr No Bysuffocating him in a mound of guano. True or false?


49. Most of the James Bond movies have been produced by which studio? PineWood Studios or Eon Productions?

PineWood Studios

50. Which movies did James Bond use the car “Aston Martin”?


51. In the movie Never Say Never Again, Algernon was Q’s name. True or false?


52. What is the name of the person that played Willard Whyte in ‘Diamonds are Forever? Will Smith or Jimmy Dean?

Jimmy Dean

53. What was the name of James Bond’s father? Martin Bond or Andrew Bond?

Andrew Bond

54. In the Bond movie, ‘Dr. No’, who played the role of Major Boothroyd? Tom Burton or Peter Burton?

Peter Burton

55. Who played the role of Miss Money penny in ‘GoldenEye’, ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’, and ‘The World Is Not Enough?

Samantha Bond

56. Little Nellie was a British autogyro? True or false?


57. In The Spy Who Loved Me, what was captured in order to fight a nuclear war? 3 aircraft or 3 submarines?

3 submarines

58. How did James Bond infiltrate the Arkangel Chemical Weapons Facility? Through secret doors or Bungee jumping?

bungee jumping

59. In ‘Die Another Day’, how was James Bond tortured by the North Koreans? Electric chair or Deathstalker Scorpions?

Deathstalker Scorpions

60. Domination, a 3D video game was featured in which James Bond movie?

Never Say Never

61. What was the original title of License To Kill?

Licensed revoked

62. In License To Kill, Bond disguises himself as what to sneak onto the drug lord’s boat?

A Manta Ray

63. In Moonraker, a Gondola was the car that James Bond had. True or false?


64. What was the full name of Dr No? Eric No or Julius No?

Julius No

65. What is the name of the movie that Sean Connery returned?

Diamonds are Forever

66. Sean Connery didn’t like the Beatles as James Bond. True or false?


67. I’m Casino Royale, what are the names of the persons that acted as Bond?

David Niven (1967) and Daniel Craig (2006)

68. Daniela Bianchi acted as Tanya Romanov in. Yes or no?


69. In what year did Daniel Craig enter the 007 series? 2008 or 2006?


70. George Lanzeby felt comfortable with the contract for the James Bond film. True or false?


71. The original name of Tomorrow Never Dies was?

Tomorrow Never Lies

72. In The World Is Not Enough, what was the souvenir that James Bond presented to Moneypenny? A Perfume or a cigar?

a cigar

73. What is the name of the rental service that Q issued Bond’s car in Tomorrow Never Dies? AJ rental or Avis rental?

Avis rental

74. “Well, here’s to us.” was Jaws’ only line in James Bond movies. True or false?


75. Honey Ryder was not the bikini-clad seashell hunter that Bond met in Dr. No. True or false?


76. What was the age of Roger Moore when he last played James Bond? 45 or 57?


77. In The Spy Who Loved Me, James Bond’s number plate can spin around in case he is caught by foreign police. True or false?


78. What is the name of the James Bond villain that throws his deadly bowler hat at his enemies?

Blofeld Oddjob Jaws

79. What is the name of the person that played the role of James Bond in Casino Royale? Daniel Craig or David Niven?

David Niven

80. Bond tested his magnetic watch in Live and Let Die by unzipping a dress. True or false?


81. What is the name of the organization that was antagonists in the James Bond movies?


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