81 Literature Trivia Questions And Answers

Looking for a fun way to learn some interesting things about drama, poems, and novels? We got your back. We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Literature trivia questions that will expose you to lots of knowledge about novels and interesting books in general.

These trivia questions will certainly come in handy when you are bored or want to surprise your family and friends with your knowledge about Literature. You can also play this with your friends, family, or co-workers. Try the questions and click on “Show Answer” to see the correct answers to the questions you’ve answered.

1. What Is the name of the author of The Origin Of Species?
Answer: Darwin

2. Which religion is associated with ‘The Bhagavad Gita’?
Answer: Hinduism


3. NEB is the abbreviation of which book?
Answer: New English Bible

4. What Is the name of the person that invented the character, Robinson Crusoe?
Answer: Daniel Defoe

5. Which Shakespeare literary piece completes this “Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet, and?”
Answer: King Lear

6. What Is the name of the mega-selling writer who has written “Deception Point”?
Answer: Dan Brown

7. What Is Shakespeare mothers name before marriage?
Answer: Mary Arden

8. ‘Mein Kampf’ in Hitler’s autobiography means?
Answer: my struggle

9. What Is the number of sonnets written by William Shakespeare?
Answer: 154

10. In which Charles Dickens’ novel do we find the character Bentley Drummle?
Answer: Great Expectations

11. The only play was written by Shakespeare in which there is no song was?
Answer: The Comedy Of Errors

12. Mr. Freeze’ is the arch-enemy of which superhero?
Answer: batman

13. The death of Moses takes place in which book of the Holy Bible?
Answer: Deuteronomy

14. What Is the name of the author of the classic masterpiece “Anna Karenina”?
Answer: Leo Tolstoy

15. “Bird of Paradise” is a book written by which person?
Answer: R.D. Laing

16. Who was the person that wrote The ‘Almagest’?
Answer: Ptolemy


17. What Is the name of the female novelist who has authored ‘Sense and Sensibility?
Answer: Jane Austen

18. “Absolutely Mahvelous” is the autobiography of who?
Billy Crystal

19. The character Willy Wonka can be found in which Roald Dahl’s novel?
Answer: Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

20. What Is the name of the William Peter Blatty novel that was written in 1971?
Answer: The Exorcist

21. What Is the name of the author of “Roots” that inspired a TV blockbuster?
Answer: Alex Haley

22. What Is the Missing Word in the Best Selling Book by Barack Obama: ‘The Audacity Of __.’
Answer: Hope

23. What Is the name of the book that became the best-seller in 1794 in America?
Answer: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

24. Who wrote “Rites of Passage”?
Answer: William Golding

25. Who wrote “I, Robot”?
Answer: Isaac Asimov

26. Who wrote The Cherry Orchard and The Three Sisters?
Answer: Anton Chekhov

27. What Is the name of the person that wrote ‘The Alchemist’ (play)?
Answer: Ben Jonson

28. The book rated by Americans as their second favorite, only next to ‘The Bible’ is?
Sears Roebuck Catalog

29. The first novel to be typed on a Typewriter was?
Answer: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

30. The first novelist to have his works serialized was?
Answer: Charles Dickens

31. The only animal to be ever mentioned in Shakespeare’s play was?

32. The first free library in Britain opened in which year?
Answer: 1852.

33. Who wrote ‘The War of The Worlds’?
Answer: H.G. Wells

34. The book that immediately follows Genesis in the bible is?
Answer: Exodus

35. Who wrote the musical drama “Lipstick on Your Collar”?
Answer: Dennis Potter

36. Who wrote the book interview ‘With A Vampire’?
Answer: Ann Rice

37. The Harry Potter novel which has the title with the word ‘Blood’ in it for the first time?
Answer: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

38. Which Shakespeare play is the character of Mustardseed found?
Answer: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

39. In 1456, the first-ever book which was printed from movable type was?
Answer: The Mazarin Bible

40. ‘What You Can Do To Avoid AIDS’ is written by which basketball player?
Answer: Magic Johnson.

41. When you write a novel or literary piece under someone else’s name, what is it called?

42. Who wrote The Series Of Harry Potter Books?
Answer: Joanne ‘Jo’ Rowling

43. Which Charles Dickens novel had a character named Jingle?
Answer: Pickwick Papers

44. What Is the name of the person that wrote ‘Kidnapped’?
Answer: Robert Louis Stevenson

45. Who wrote (The Mousetrap) play?
Answer: Agatha Christie

46. Which philosopher wrote Utilitarianism?
Answer: John Stuart Mill.

47. Who authored the popular novel “Three Men in a Boat”?
Answer: Jerome K Jerome.

48. The cookery book “Keeping it Simple” was written by who?
Answer: Gary Rhodes

49. Which Italian astronomer wrote The Starry Messenger?
Answer: Galileo

50. Who wrote ‘A Brief History of Time’ in 1988?
Answer: Stephen Hawking

51. What Is the name of the person that wrote Curtain?
Answer: Agatha Christie

52. Which Shakespearean character spoke the maximum number of lines?
Answer: Hamlet

53. Who did the fairies worship as their queen in ‘A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream’?
Answer: Titania

54. What Is the name of the person that wrote Lord Of The Flies?
Answer: William Golding

55. The fifth book in the Bible is?

56. Who wrote the children’s book ‘The English Roses’?
Answer: Madonna

57. Shakespeare started his playwright career with?
Answer: Titus Andronicus

58. The first public library in London city was founded by?
Answer: Robert Ford

59. Who is the author of the book ‘Evangelism’?
Answer: Sinclair Lewis

60. The ‘West Side Story,’ was based on which Shakespeare tragedy?
Answer: Romeo and Juliet

61. “Being Freddie” is the autobiography of which person?
Answer: Andrew Flintoff

62. Who wrote the controversial “Satanic Verses”?
Answer: Salman Rushdie

63. Name the person that wrote “The Napoleon of Notting Hill”?
Answer: G.K. Chesterton

64. Alistair Maclean wrote how many books?
Answer: 30

65. Who wrote the trilogy “The Norman Conquests”?
Answer: Alan Ayckbourn

66. Who wrote the children’s book Bedknobs And Broomsticks?
Answer: Mary Norton

67. What Is the name of the author of Frankenstein?
Answer: Mary Shelley

68. Which Shakespearean tragedy had three witches?
Answer: Macbeth

69. The poet that wrote The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner was?
Answer: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

70. What Is the name of the person that wrote “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”?
Answer: Agatha Christie.

71. Scientists have borrowed the term ‘Quark’, a book that was written by?
Answer: James Joyce

72. Which literary piece was banned in 1932 in Ireland?
Answer: Brave New World

73. Who was the person that wrote ‘Without Ties’?
Answer: Gianni Versace.

74. Brave New World was written by who?
Aldus Huxley

75. Who wrote the play ‘Androcles And The Lion’?
Answer: George Bernard Shaw

76. Who was the person that wrote The Wild Palms, The Sound And The Fury?
Answer: William Faulkner

77. ‘My Life and Love’ was banned in which country?
Answer: United States

78. Who wrote “There but for Fortune”?
Answer: Phil Ochs

79. Who wrote the book “Pride and Prejudice”?
Answer: Jane Austen.

80. Who wrote the famous poems “Ozymandias” and “Ode to the West Wind”?
Answer: Shelley

81. Which Australian feminist wrote ‘The Female Eunuch’?
Answer: Germaine Greer

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