81 World History Trivia Questions And Answers

World History Trivia Questions And Answers

Looking for a fun way to learn some interesting World History? We got your back. We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free World History trivia questions that will expose you to lots of knowledge about World History.

These trivia questions will certainly come in handy when you are bored or want to surprise your family and friends with your knowledge about World History. You can also play this with your friends, family, or co-workers. Try the questions and click on “Show Answer” to see the correct answers to the questions you’ve answered.

1. How many years did the war named 100 years war last?

116 years

2. The war between England and Zanzibar lasted for how many minutes?

38 to 45 minutes

3. Adolf Hitler committed suicide in which year?



4. Charles Darwin traveled with which research ship?

the beagle


5. John F. Kennedy was assassinated in which year?


6. The “Hanging Gardens,” was founded in which city?


7. Before 1981, Greenland was a colony of which country?


8. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to which organization in 1971:

Red Cross

9. How many days of the week were there during ancient Roman times?

8 days

10. Which ancient Egyptians worshiped dung beetles?

The scarabs

11. William Harrison was President of the United States for how many days?

32 days

12. The first bridge to be built across the River Thames in London was?

London Bridge

13. The Hermitage was the home of which US president?

Andrew Jackson

14. In which country was the first modern Olympics held?


15. Russian rulers from the 17th century until the 1917 revolution had which family name?


16. What is the number of U.S. presidents that have been assassinated?



17. What Is the name of the King of England who was executed in 1649 during the English Civil War?

Charles 1

18. Which year did Mao Zedong come to power?


19. Which country did the Easter Rising take place in 1916?


20. The first Space Shuttle to go into space was?

Space Shuttle Columbia

21. The president shot outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington on March 30th, 1981 was?

Ronald Reagan

A view of Mount Everest
A view of Mount Everest Photo: Getty

22. Which mountaineer was the first to conquer Mount, Everest?

Sir Edmund Hillary

23. The first man to walk on the moon was?

Neil Armstrong

24. In which year did the first man work on the moon?


25. What is the Greek historian’s name known as the “Father of History”?


26. What Is the name of the Libyan city that the American diplomatic compound attacked in September 2012?


27. The first man to conduct a spacewalk was?

Alexey Leonov

28. When was the first modern Olympics held?


29. What Is the name of the infamous prison that was stormed on July 14th, 1789?

The Bastille in Paris

30. The modern name for Van Diemen’s Land is?


31. The name of the first woman that went to space was?

Valentina Tereshkova

32. The Ptolemy dynasty ruled which ancient city?


33. Roald Amundsen led a successful expedition to which place in 1911?

South Pole

34. What Is the name of the person that invented the cotton gin?

Eli Whitney

35. The War of 1812 ended in which year?


36. After John F. Kennedy was assassinated, who became the president of the US?

Lyndon B. Johnson

37. On how many hills were the Ancient city of Rome built?


Ancient city of Rome Photo: shutterstock

38. Who built the first car in America?

Henry Ford

39. The war that took place between 1950 and 1953 was?

the Korean War

40. Mark Anthony was defeated by who in which famous naval battle of 31 B.C.?


41. When was Mahatma Gandhi killed?


42. What Is the name of the first man to swim the English Channel?

Matthew Webb

43. What is the name of the first car ever made?

the motorwagon

44. The Battle of Actium was fought in which year?

31 BC

45. The Peloponnesian War was fought between Athens and?


46. The name of the first human civilization was?


47. “The Magna Carta” mean?

“The Great Charter”

48. When was the first Super Bowl played?


49. Which scientist was known for running through the streets crying Eureka?


50. The team that won the first Super Bowl was?

GreenBay Packers

51. The Maya of Mesoamerica are best known for?

Math & Astronomy

52. The longest war in U.S. history was?

Afghanistan war

53. The first female Hispanic astronaut was?

Ellen Ochoa

54. Mona Lisa has been stolen how many times?


55. Which country was the largest known T-Rex skeleton found?


56. How did Joan of Arc die?


57. What Is the name of the emperor of Rome from A.D. 54 – A.D. 68?


58. When was the Berlin Wall torn down?


East German workers near the Brandenburg Gate reinforce the Berlin Wall in 1961. (Photo/research.archives.gov)

59. In what century did the French Revolution take place?

18th century

60. What is the name of the person that led the USSR from 1917 to 1922?

Vladimir Lenin

61. The name of The Beatles’ debut album is?

Please Please Me

62. When did the construction of the Berlin Wall begin?


63. The Incan Empire is located in which current country?


64. What Is the name of the person that invented the telephone?

Graham Bell

65. When did The Great Fire of London happen?


66. The Battle of the Bulge took place in which war?

World War 2

67. What Is the name of that person that crossed the Rubicon?

Julius Caesar

68. Bangladesh was called what before independence?

East Pakistan

69. The first female to be elected into the U.S. Congress was?

Janet Rankin

70. The mural of “The Last Supper” was painted by?

Leonardo da Vinci

71. The first black Senator in the United States was?

Carol Moseley Brown

72. The American president that was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1992 was?

Abraham Lincoln

73. The country that separated from the United Kingdom in 1921 is?


74. Which country was Adolf Hitler born in?


Photo of Adolf Hitler Photo: historyextra.com

75. World War 1 began in which year?


76. In which year was Pearl Harbor bombed?


77. Where was the location of The Battle of Hastings in 1066?


78. The first successful printing press was invented by?

Johannes Gutenberg

79. Which countries fought The Hundred Years’ War?

England and France

80. What is the person who painted the Sistine Chapel?


81. Which group of people discovered Greenland?

The vikings

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