84 Interesting General Trivia Quiz of The Day

Ready to have some fun answering trivia questions and uncovering new fascinating facts? Try this; What type of very intelligent fish sleeps with one eye open? We created this interesting trivia game to help you test your knowledge on different interesting topics like nature, culture, religion, food, geography, movies, books, brands, and more. We have also included the answer to every question after the question for essay access. Trust me, you will appreciate every moment you spent on this trivia. Let’s get started. Download 200 Interesting General Trivia Questions and Answers pdf printable for Free.

1. Which country is Casablanca located in? Answer: Morocco

2. Which continent is Tajikistan located in? Answer: Asia

3. Which country did Sir Walter Scott write about in his historical novels? Answer: Scotland

4. What is the current slogan for Coca-Cola? Answer: “Test the Feeling”


5. Who is the protagonist and hero in James Joyce’s book “Ulysses”? Answer: Leopold Bloom

6. European trains in the 19th century made use of which fuel? Answer: coal

7. Which year did facebook start? Answer: 2004

8. Who is the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? Answer: Mark Twain

9. Who wrote the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four that told of life in a future totalitarian state dominated by “Big Brother”? Answer: George Orwell

10. The 3rd largest ocean in the world is? Answer: The Indian Ocean

11. Boats were first brought out of the water to be repaired in which century? Answer: 11th century

12. What is the name of Huck’s father in the book “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”? Answer: Pap

13. Do birds have teeth? Answer: No

14. Active aerodynamics were first used in which car? Answer: Porsche group b rally efforts

15. Ohio River divides Indiana and Kentucky, True or False? Answer: True.

16. Is touching someone’s head in Malaysia right? Answer: No

17. Which religion is the leader known as “The Enlightened One” associated with? Answer: Buddhism

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18. “America runs on Dunkin” is the advertising slogan of which company? Answer: Dunkin’ Donuts

19. There is no river in Saudi Arabia, True or False? Answer: True

20. What country is direct to the north of Vietnam? Answer: China

21. What Is used to power modern railways? Answer: Electricity

22. Which country produces salmon the most? Answer: Norway

23. Which river in England separates Manchester and Salford city? Answer: River Irwell

24. What Episode of “Star Wars” did Palpatine rescue Darth Vader after his duel with Obi-Wan? Answer: Episode III

25. Which part of the fish’s body can you find the fish’s caudal fin? Answer: Tail

26. Which airline was named after a Greek letter? Answer: Delta

27. Is Estonia landlocked? Answer: No

28. Trains used to climb steep hills are called? Answer: cog-and-rack trims

29. Does Japan’s traffic run on the left or right? Answer: Left

30. Adding olive juice turns a plain martini into which martini? Answer: dirty martini

31. The world’s first writing system was invented in which present-day country? Answer: Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq)

32. What was the first animated film to gross $1 billion at the box office? Answer: Toy Story 3

33. The heaviest building in the world is located in the country? Answer: Romania

34. Which country was the oldest human fossil found in? Answer: Ethiopia

35. What is the name of the unfinished book by Jane Austen? Answer: Sanditon

36. What country is the newest in the world to be recognized by the United Nations as of 2022? Answer: South Sudan

37. Which country consumes the most chicken in the world? Answer: China

38. How many US states are named after a river? Answer: 15

39. Which Sea does the river Nile flow into? Answer: Mediterranean Sea

40. The most expensive book in the world Codex Leicester, was bought by who? Answer: Bill Gates

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41. The largest religion in the world? Answer: Christianity

42. Corned beef is traditionally made from which cut of beef? Answer: beef brisket

43. Which meat contains the most protein? Answer: chicken breast

44. Which animal can be seen in Lacoste’s logo? Answer: crocodile

45. Fish have backbones, true or false? Answer: true

46. What was Nike called initially? Answer: Blue Ribbon Sports

47. What Christian Church is the biggest in Poland? Answer: Roman Catholic Church

48. what is the hottest temperature a species could survive in? Answer: 50ºC (122ºF)

49. The branch of science that studies fish is called? Answer: Ichthyology

50. The Equator runs through how many oceans? Answer: 3 oceans

51. The main ingredient in falafel is? Answer: Chickpeas

52. Which city is known as the “sailfish capital of the world”? Answer: Stuart, Florida.

53. What colors are in the Pepsi logo? Answer: red, blue, and white

54. How many African countries were named after rivers? Answer: 8

55. What is the name of Hester Prynne’s husband in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 novel “The Scarlet Letter”? Answer: Roger Chillingworth

56. Buffalo wings are made from what kind of meat? Answer: Chicken Wings

57. What was Hoopers boat called in Jaws? Answer: Orca I

58. Who was the first Chinese writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature? Answer: Gao Xingjian

59. Is the body temperature of fish always constant or is it determined by Water temperature? Answer: determined by Water temperature

60. Which is the most consumed fish in the world? Answer: Tuna

61. The original meaning of the Pacific Ocean’s name “Mare Pacificum” is? Answer: peaceful sea

62. Singapore citizens are called? Answer: Singaporeans

63. What literary movement was author of “Their Eyes were Watching God” Zora Neale Hurston part of? Answer: Harlem Renaissance

64. How many bathtubs did the Titanic have for third-class passengers? Answer: 2

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65. The measurement ships use for navigation is? Answer: the nautical mile

66. The lockhead sr-71 can reach a maximum speed of? Answer: 3500 km/hr

67. Which part of Asia is Sri Lanka located in? Answer: South Asia

68. Which river was India named after? Answer: River Indus.

69. Which part of an egg is richer in protein and contains very few calories? Answer: Egg white

70. What is the major religion in Egypt? Answer: Islam

71. Which river separates Switzerland and Liechtenstein? Answer: The Rhine River.

72. How many days before the end of ww1 was the leading English poet Wilfred Owen killed? Answer: 7 days

73. Which food company’s advertising slogan is “100% squeezed sunshine”? Answer: Tropicana

74. How many tentacles does an octopus have? Answer: 8

75. Who was the blind lawyer in Spider-Man? Answer: Matt Murdock

76. What African country has the largest population? Answer: Nigeria

77. What species of fish produces the most eggs? Answer: Lotta Mola

78. When was a state in the United States declared the birthplace of aviation? Answer: 2003

79. Name a popular email company whose acronym is “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle.” Answer: Yahoo

80. Which country is the famous ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s headquartered? Answer: United Kingdom

81. What country is known as the “Land of Fire and Ice”? Answer: Iceland

82. What is another name for Chinese parsley? Answer: Coriander

83. What shrine were the pilgrims traveling to visit in the book “The Canterbury Tales”? Answer: Saint Thomas Becket.

84. Which US state is known as The Garden State? Answer: New Jersey

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