87 Fun and Interesting NBA Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting NBA Trivia Questions

How passionate and vast are you about the Slam and Dunk game? Time to test your knowledge about NBA in an interesting and fun game.

1. Trivia Question: Chris Bosh joined the Miami Heats in 2010 from which team?

Toronto Raptors

2. Trivia Question: Who was the Head coach of Team LeBron at the 2018 NBA all-star game?

Dwane Casey


3. Trivia Question: In 2005, George Carl became the coach of which team?

Denver Nuggets

4. Trivia Question: Which team did 2015/16 rookie Justice Winslow play for?

Miami Heat

5. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that surpassed Kobe Bryant as the leading scorer in the NBA all-star history?

LeBron James

6. Trivia Question: What is the name of Rusell Westbrook’s favorite player growing up?

Magic Johnson

7. Trivia Question: What is the name of the Head coach of the Phoenix Suns in 2007?

Mike D’Antoni

8. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002 with only 4 NBA seasons?

Drazan Petrovic

9. Trivia Question: What is the name of the first Turkish-born player in NBA history?

Hedo Turkoglu

10. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that was drafted after LeBron James and ahead of Carmelo Anthony?

Darko Milicic

11. Trivia Question: A basketball game has 4 quarters of how many minutes each?

12 minutes

12. Trivia Question: Michael Jordan’s middle name is known as what?


13. Trivia Question: In 1998, Steve Nash was traded to which team?

Dallas Mavericks

14. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that won the Nike Baller of the Year in 2005?

Manu Ginobili

15. Trivia Question: Dan Majerle’s nickname is popularly known as what?

Thunder Dan

16. Trivia Question: Which team knocked out of the Boston Celtics out of the 2018 NBA Playoffs?

Cleveland Cavs


17. Trivia Question: Bill Walton finish his career with which team?

Boston Celtics

18. Trivia Question: Popular NBA star Draymond Green was named Big Ten Player of the Year during his senior season at which university?

Michigan State University.

19. Trivia Question: Which LA Lakers player attended the University of Wyoming in 2010/11?

Theo Ratliff

20. Trivia Question: The 2018 NBA draft took place where?


21. Trivia Question: In the 2009/10 season, which player led the chart for all rookies in terms of blocks?

Serge Ibaka

22. Trivia Question: It took the Golden State Warriors how many games to defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2018 NBA Finals?

4 Games

23. Trivia Question: Shaquille O’Neal finished his NBA career with which team in the 2010-11 season?

Boston Celtics

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24. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that won the Slam Dunk Contest at the 2018 NBA All-star game?

Donovan Mitchell

25. Trivia Question: Legendary Basketballer, Michael Jordan was given birth to where?

Brooklyn, NY.

26. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that won the Three-Point Contest at the 2018 NBA All-Star final?

Devin Booker

27. Trivia Question: James Harden scored 60 points against which team in January 2018?


28. Trivia Question: Which player won the 2010 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Nate Robinson

29. Trivia Question: Jonny Flynn started how many games during his rookie season?


30. Trivia Question: A team in the NBA have to take a shot that hits the rim in how many seconds?

24 Seconds

31. Trivia Question: What was the name of the Houston Rockets head coach in 2007?

Rick Adelman

32. Trivia Question: James Harden made a total of how many 3 Pointers in the 2016 All-Star Game?

7 Three Pointers

33. Trivia Question: Tony Parker entered the NBA draft in what year?


34. Trivia Question: What is the total number of on-court officials that are present in an NBA game?


35. Trivia Question: What is the name of the point guard that tied a record by committing 14 turnovers in a single game?

Jason Kidd

36. Trivia Question: Doc Rivers coached which team at the start of the 1999 NBA season?

Orlando Magic

37. Trivia Question: Lenny Wilkens resigned from which team in January 2005?

New York Knicks

38. Trivia Question: “Blocked Shots” became an official NBA statistic n which year?


39. Trivia Question: Which team did Nikola Vucevic play his rookie NBA season with?

Philadelphia 76ers

40. Trivia Question: Coach Derek Fisher was fired from which team in the 2015-16 season?


41. Trivia Question: In his rookie season at Minnesota, how many games did Derrick Williams started?


42. Trivia Question: what was the name of the head coach of Team Steph at the 2018 NBA All star game?

Mike D’Antoni

43. Trivia Question: Charlotte Hornets’ mascot is officially called what?

Hugo the Hornet

44. Trivia Question: NBA great Hakeem Olajuwon played for which team?

Houston Rocket

45. Trivia Question: Who was named the MVP of the 2018 NBA Finals?

Kevin Durant

46. Trivia Question: Which basketball player is often referred to as “Little Warriors?

Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal

47. Trivia Question: Which position did Brandon Knight play during hospital rookie NBA season?

Point Guard

48. Trivia Question: which NBA franchise became the first team to reach 3,000 wins in 2010?


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49. Trivia Question: Russell Westbrook wore which number throughout his career at UCLA?


50. Trivia Question: What is the name of the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Zach Levine

51. Trivia Question: What is the total number of players an NBA team must have in its roster?


52. Trivia Question: What is the total number of Franchises that exist as of today?


53. Trivia Question: What does the word “Point Guard” means in basketball?

Also called ‘the one’, the point guard is supposed to facilitate the scores or dunks for the rest of the team, or for himself.

54. Trivia Question: A collegiate match runs for how long?

A collegiate basketball contest would usually last for just 40 minutes.

55. Trivia Question: On which occasion will there be overtime in basketball?

An overtime will be played if there is a tie at the end of a regulation period.

56. Trivia Question: According to the NBA rules, who can call for a timeout?

Either a player in court or the head coach can call a time-out and stop the game clock.

57. Trivia Question: The standard floor dimensions for a North American basketball court is called what?

94 feet long by 50 feet wide.

58. Trivia Question: What are the three major components of a hoop?

The hoop has three basic pieces; the rim, the net, and the backboard.

59. Trivia Question: Who is credited with the title of inventing basketball?

Dr. Naismith

60. Trivia Question: Basketball was created in which year?


61. Trivia Question: The National Basketball Association got its official start when?


62. Trivia Question: The NBA was formerly called what?

The Basketball Association of America.

63. Trivia Question: In 1955, how many teams were present in the NBA?

Only 8 Teams

64. Trivia Question: Boston Celtics won how many championships between 1957 to 1969?

11 Championships

65. Trivia Question: The ABA merged with the NBA when?

The ABA was a temporary rival to the NBA and merged with the NBA in 1976.

66. Trivia Question: What is the name of the first black player to actually play in an NBA match?

Earl Lloyd.

67. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that officially broke the NBA’s color barrier and became the first non-white player in NBA history?

Japanese American Wataru Misaka in 1947-48.

68. Trivia Question: Which year did LeBron James finally bring back the NBA title has returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014?


69. Trivia Question: Which player did ESPN vote for as the greatest center of all time, and the second-best player in NBA history after Michael Jordan?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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70. Trivia Question: What is the name of the NBA player to have trained under Bruce Lee and appeared in the film ‘Game of Death’?

Kareem Abdul Jabbar

71. Trivia Question: What is the name of the NBA player who is ambidextrous and shoots with his non-dominant hand?

Lebron James is left-handed. He writes and eats with his left hand, but shoots with his right to emulate his idols, Michael Jordan and Penny Hardaway.

72. Trivia Question: Which players are the only four players in NBA history to have a quadruple double?

Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson.

73. Trivia Question: What is the name of the player that got a note from Shaquille O’Neal after he outscored Shaq in every department in 1995?

Hakeem Olajuwon

74. Trivia Question: The shortest player in the history of the NBA has blocked a total of how many shots?


75. Trivia Question: What is the name of the NBA player that went to medical school before he came to the court?

Pau Gasol

76. Trivia Question: Which player led the Memphis Grizzlies in terms of points per game in 1997-98 with an average of 22.3 ppg?

Shareef Abdur Rahim

77. Trivia Question: It takes how many personal fouls before a player can be ejected from an NBA basketball game?


78. Trivia Question: Which player was the youngest to reach 10,000 regular-season points in the 20th century?

Kobe Bryant

79. Trivia Question: The Jazz play where before they went to Salt Lake City in 1979?

New Orleans

80. Trivia Question: What is the name of the only player in NBA history to accumulate 20,000+ points in his career, while averaging fewer than 15.0 ppg?

Robert Parish

81. Trivia Question: Which player was Voted as the MVP of the 1981 NBA Finals?

Cedric Maxwell

82. Trivia Question: Which company did Vince Carter sign for his first shoe endorsement?


83. Trivia Question: Which player holds the N.B.A. postseason single series record for the most points averaged per game?

Howard Schultz

84. Trivia Question: What is the first NBA player to play in 1500 NBA games?

Kareem Jabbar

85. Trivia Question: What is the name of the NBA team that played at Amway Arena between 1989-2010?

Orlando Magic

86. Trivia Question: What is the name of the first player to record back-to-back 50 point games in the 2000s?

Antawn Jamison

87. Trivia Question: Which player was the first-ever NBA lottery pick?

Patrick Ewing

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