Copy My Strategy To Earning $5k+ Monthly With Amazon Affiliate Marketing Using Proven AI

Do you want to know how to earn over $5k monthly in commission with Amazon affiliate marketing?

Well, listen up. I will be revealing strategies and AI tools that I use to currently earn $20k + monthly commission from Amazon Affiliate without writing or designing.

Below is the proof of the recent payment I received from Amazon. 👇



Before we start, let me answer the important question

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing lets you earn commissions by promoting Amazon products. You share product links, and when someone buys the product through your unique link, you get paid.

How to Sign Up

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Everything I’ll share with you here are the things I wish someone had shared with me in 2020 when I began the journey to  Amazon affiliate marketing without writing or designing. 

In this strategy report, you will discover:

  •  biggest mistakes I was making when I started that most Amazon affiliate marketing beginners make too.
  • The  AI tool I use in finding hot products and building the Amazon Review Website Automatically.
  • The email marketing tool I use in sending free buyer traffic to my Amazon affiliate website.

Complete affiliate marketing beginners can easily implement this strategy without writing, design skills, or advertising skills.  It can also be implemented by Amazon affiliate marketers looking to up their earnings.

I started Amazon affiliate marketing in 2020 after watching a lot of YouTube videos. Up until April 2023, I struggled to earn up to $100 commission monthly.

But in May 2023, I discovered a strategy and Powerful AI tools from a PRO Amazon affiliate marketer after attending his masterclass that I paid $1000. I implemented this strategy and my commission skyrocketed to $5789 in the first month and has been growing since then. 

I have taught this strategy to 7 other people, and each of them is currently earning over $5k monthly in commission.

Here were my 3 biggest mistakes when I started

1. Poor Amazon Review Website Designed: The first Amazon Review Website I designed was from watching YouTube videos. As you would have guessed, the design could have been better. Due to the poor design, website visitors lacked trust in my product reviews and it led to fewer sales and commissions.

2. Promoting Wrong Products: I was choosing products that I was promoting based on emotion and I didn’t care if there was demand for the products.  Most of the product I promoted was low demand and also had low commission payout.

3. Wasting Money On Low Traffic Quality: I was depending on paid advertising through Google ads, I was spending more on ads than I was earning in affiliate commission. My review websites were not getting Google search traffic because both my website and content were not SEO optimized.

Enough of the talking, let’s dive into real money-making action. 

Criteria For Choosing a Product to Promote

The first mistake is choosing the wrong product to promote. Here is my checklist for choosing a product to promote.  I have chosen many products that I have sold over 1000 in quantity using this checklist.


Product Reviews and Ratings:  I look for products with positive reviews and high ratings to ensure customer satisfaction and trustworthiness.

Check Commission Rates: I consider the commission rates offered by Amazon for different product categories to maximize my earnings.

Upsell Opportunities: I look for products that offer opportunities for upselling or cross-selling to increase the overall value of each sale.

Finding Hot Trending Products and Creating Amazon Review Websites Using AI

I find top trending products to promote using an AI tool called Azon AutoSite. I also use Azon AutoSite to create all my Amazon Affiliate Sites. 

Here are the easy steps to create an Amazon review website with Azon AutoSites in less than 10 minutes.

  • Create a lifetime account on Azon AutoSites.  Click Here to create an account now!
  • Login  Azon AutoSites with your credentials
  • Pick from a vast list of niches and let AI create your site
  • Publish and start making commissions with AI-generated reviews and trending products

Here are examples of Amazon product review websites Auto-created by Azon AutoSites:

Electronics Amazon Review Website:

Pet Supplies Amazon Review Website:

Gifts Ideas Amazon Review Website: 

Parenting Amazon Review Website: 

Baby Amazon Review Website: 

I use Azon AutoSite in creating my affiliate website because:

  • It’s easy to use and it saves me time and money in writing content.
  • It creates product review articles that are SEO-optimized and generate free Google search traffic. 
  • It’s 100% newbie-friendly and has an easy-to-follow guide that a 10-year-old can understand.
  • It also has 247 responsive support teams willing to help. 

Note: If you Register for Azon AutoSites through this Link, you will get it for a one-time price of $27 instead of $99 monthly. This offer is only limited to the first 50 people. 

Getting Free Targeted Traffic to Your Amazon Review Website

My strategy to get people who have an interest in the product I am promoting to my Amazon review website is through email marketing. 

There are 3 major processes involved in using email to drive traffic, they are:

  1. Building your email list. (Getting emails from people interested in what you are promoting)
  2. Create an engaging email message that will push them to click the link in your email to visit your Amazon review website.
  3. A bulk email sender that can send out a large number of emails, so you don’t go through the stress of sending them one by one. 

Luckily, I use an AI tool to do the processes automatically. The AI is called WaveSend AI. 

Here are the brief steps on how you can find emails of buyers, create email messages using AI, and Send bulk emails to thousands at once using WaveSend AI.

  • Create a lifetime account on WaveSend AI by Clicking Here.
  • Create a campaign, enter the niche you need the buyers from, enter the location you need the buyer from, and click “find leads”. 
  • Click on generate email and AI will generate the email to be sent to your potential buyers.
  • Click on send email, and the emails will be sent to all the potential buyers in your list. 

It’s that simple. Repeat this process for different niches and different countries and locations. 

Click here to get  WaveSend AI for a one-time price of $27 instead of $99 monthly.


By implementing these strategies and tools, you can transform your Amazon affiliate marketing journey and help you avoid the trial and error that makes most people give up.

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to up your Amazon affiliate marketing game…

leveraging AI for product selection, website creation, and email marketing can significantly boost your earnings. 

Take action now and watch your online earnings grow!

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