Discover my Secret Strategy of making over $6700 Monthly

What if you can spend just 5 hours creating something that will make money for you monthly throughout your lifetime?

Well, today is your lucky day because you are days away from starting what could change your life for good.

This is not one of those clickbait articles or making money lesson theories without real examples, I will show you real proof and tell you why my secret discovery works like magic and tell you why other people doing the same thing I am doing are not successful like me.

I know you are wondering what this could be, well it is something you may have or have not heard about. Before we get to the what, let me show you proof of my  October 2023 earnings.

proof my October KDP $6701 earning


The picture above shows my earnings through Amazon KDP. What is Amazon KDP? Those who don’t know it may ask. If you already know what Amazon KDP is, let me use a line and explain to those you don’t know. If you don’t want to read all the articles and want to join my network to get my secret strategy click HERE

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon kdp is an platform where anyone can publish a book he/she wrote or created,  and earn money (royalty) when someone buys a copy of the book

Wait! Before you zoom off thinking this unique opportunity is for only writers, notice that I use the word “create”, meaning that all books are not written.
The type of books I create and have made thousands of dollars from are not written,  I don’t really like writing. The only writing I enjoy is writing my total monthly income. Lol.
Anyone who has a computer, internet access, and knows how to use the mouse and keyboard can create the types of books I create using my special software/applications.

How much can I make from Amazon Kdp?

Let’s do some quick calculation
The amount I earn as profit/royalty on average for each copy of my book that sells is $2.5. About 10 of many books sell between 10 to 15 copies daily, but if you are just starting and have few books, you should be getting 10 to 15 sells daily.

Let’s say at worst 10 daily within the first few months, if you don’t have money to promote your books.    2.5 x 12 x 30 = $750.
$750 in your first month is a good start, considering that other people who don’t follow the secret method I will share with you will only be getting 2 to 5 sales in their first month if they are lucky. I only got 2 in my first month when I started.

Why KDP is better and easier than other making money online methods?

KDP is better than most online businesses because you keep earning royalty from your book throughout your lifetime just like music. If you get lucky and your book becomes so popular, which happens sometimes you can become a celebrity overnight.

It is important to point out that this is a business and not a get-rich-quick scheme. The better your book is the more the buyers will like it, and the more good reviews you will get.
The more good reviews your book gets, the more your book will sell, and the more your ranking as a seller will increase. The higher your seller’s rank, the more other books you publish that are not selling well will start to sell.

Why do most people who start KDP fail?

The major thing that stops people from making money in KDP is the lack of information. The major thing most people teach is that people should find low-competition niches and create books in them because the lower the competition, the higher your chance of selling. A niche is the type of book, for example, cookbooks, planners, and non-fiction books are all in different niches.
The problem with this method is that most, if not all low-competition niches don’t have high customers and you may be making 1 or 2 sales in a month if you use this method.

Some of the strategies that work very well for me that most people don’t know

I will tell you some of my secrets here in this post, but I will not expose all, I will tell you the reason for this later. For now, I will give you some discovered tips that can make you start earning.

Protip: I go for high-competition niches with higher customers. Niches that my book can sell 10 to 20 copies daily. This is very important. I break into the competition by getting reviews. One major thing that will help you get high sales on Amazon KDP is reviews from past buyers. With 5 to 10 good reviews in any of my books, the book will start selling massively.

How do you get a good review? There are some legal and illegal ways to get reviews. I don’t use the illegal way and I don’t recommend it because it may get your account banned and you will not get to know the mistakes in your book in other to improve.
The illegal way is telling your friends and family to buy your book and write a positive review for you. The best way is to make good books, drop the price, and send your book to groups on Facebook who are interested in your book and appeal to them to buy your book at a discount rate and leave an honest review.
For example, if you create a book around dogs, you can find groups on Facebook, send some free soft copies of your book, and send them the link to your book on Amazon for them to buy and leave a review. The second method used to get a review is appealing for review within my book, this will remind buyers to review your book. Note the appeal page should be towards the ending part of the book.

More secrets that I discovered that will help you make more in KDP are:

1. There are weeks of the month to publish your book and it will get more sales than some other weeks. Your books will get more sales in the first and last week of the month than 2nd and 3rd based on my experience. Why does this matter, it matters because there are weeks of the month when more people are shopping on Amazon with a bigger budget.

2. I don’t publish reusable books. What I mean by re-usable books are books that one person can use and gift another person. An example of such a book is a novel. I publish books that one uses and disposes of. An example of such a book is a Planner. I have just revealed one of my secrets to you. The only problem with planners is that they sell well only in some months of the year. I will share more types of non-reusable books with you later.


3. I have a template for describing my books on Amazon KDP, anyone who reads the description will get emotional and people buy through emotion. I will also be sharing this template with you.

4. They are words that I add to the cover of my book, the make it sell more.

5. I create a mockup to show buyers some pages in my book that will push them to buy. This is not the look-inside feature on Amazon KDP, the look-inside features don’t work on mobile and most Amazon shoppers buy using mobile devices.

Why I am hiding some of my secrets?

I have only given you 20 % of the information in this post, this is because if I put out all the information here everyone will start doing what I am doing and the method may stop working.
However, I will be giving out the whole information to selected few, who are creative and ready to join my network of publishers.

How can you join my network?

First joining my network is FREE. I have 3 people in my network already. To join my network, click this link, and answer some questions, we will review your answers and know if you are qualified to join the network.

What will you get from joining my network?

1. Step-by-step guide on how to set up your kdp account.
2. Easy way to find a profitable niche to create a book in.
3. How to create a book using my software and how to create a cover in 2 to 3 hours.
4. My tricks of publishing and starting to get sales within days.
5. Guaranteed ways to promote your book and loans to run advertisements on your best-performing books.
6. Guaranteed earnings of over $500 in the first month. This will increase exponentially every month.

What do I get?
We will agree to a percentage of your monthly earnings that I will get and how long the percentage will last. It is a win-win for everyone.

Click here and answer the questions to start the process of joining my network and we can make money together. See you on the other side.

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