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Are you are puzzle lover looking for a new, unique, and more entertaining word search puzzle? Try this first-of-it’s kind hybrid Trivia – Word Search mixture specially created by funsided. You can also download 300 free regular types of word search puzzles created around fun facts, life hacks, etc. If that’s the type of puzzle you are looking for. Click Here to Download 300 free word search printable

Have you ever thought about the resulting puzzle of combining trivia questions and word search puzzles? I can confirm that it resulting puzzle is an incredibly engaging and educative puzzle.

But, don’t take my word for it, try answering the question below. 

Which type of bird was once used to d????er Olympics r????ts in A????nt Greece?

You can certainly attempt, but since the question contains certain encrypted words, you must first decrypt the words before you can answer the question. Below is the first sample of the interesting puzzle. More than 4 samples are towards the end of this post.


If you like the puzzle above and will like to see the solution to the Puzzle and also download a printable pdf of 20 Trivia Word Search puzzles Click Here.

This is where the fun starts. Before we get to the fun part of how to solve the puzzle about, let’s discuss an interesting story about this Unique Trivia Word Search Puzzle.  Scroll down, If you will like to go directly into how to solve the puzzle and the samples.

As someone who enjoys solving puzzles and answering trivia questions, I discovered a creative approach to combine trivia questions from my collections of entertaining, challenging, and thought-provoking trivia questions with word search puzzles.

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I am happy that I successfully achieved the first-of-its-kind TrivPuzzle with a multi-layer of entertainment. 

Let’s jump into the fun part.

The first layer of fun is that you have to find the missing words to complete these interesting trivia questions in the puzzles.

Example: Which type of bird was once used to d????er Olympics r????ts in A????nt Greece?

To find the missing words, you have to search for the missing words in the Word Search using the clue of the first and last characters of the words given like in the above example.

Another clue to help you find the word is the number of characters. The question marks represent the missing characters, adding them to the given character will give you the total number of characters the word you are searching for, has. 

After finding the words and completing the sentence, the last task is the answer the specially selected trivia questions. Fun right? wait till you hear the benefits of puzzles.


Your fun task is to find all the missing words in the trivia question by solving the puzzles using the clues, filling it into the correct position in the question, to uncover the interesting trivia question.

Solving the Word Search Puzzles.

A clue of the starting and ending letter of the words hidden in the grids is given.

Using these clues, you will have to search for the hidden words in the grids of the puzzle in straight, unbroken lines: forward, backward, up, down or diagonal. 

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Words can overlap and cross each other. When you find a word, circle it in the grid, so that you will know what word you have found. Each word should be searched for as an individual word. 

Practical Example

Name the c????ry with the oldest c????????sly used f??g?

Find a word with 7 characters that starts with “C” and ends with “RY” in the  word search puzzle for the first world “c????ry”

Find a word with 12 characters that starts with “C” and ends with “SLY” in the word search puzzle for the second word “c????????sly”.

Find a word with 4 characters that starts with “F” and ends with “G” in the word search puzzle for the third world “f??g”.

After solving that, you would have successfully created the Trivia Question “Name the country with the oldest continuously used flag

Your next fun task is to answer the question or research the questions if you don’t know the answer. But not to worry, the answers to all the trivia questions are also contained in this book.

We have also included the main Trivia questions, in case you don’t want to solve the puzzles to uncover the questions. 

4 More Sample of Trivia Puzzle. Download the 20 Trivia Word Search Puzzles Printables to See the Solution to the Puzzles.

Why you should Puzzle

It is no secret that solving puzzles helps increase your IQ, improve your Problem-Solving ability, improve your attention to detail, improve your memory, and also stress-relieving.

This puzzle is specially designed for this and more. Solving  TrivPuzzle can help you relax, and the excitement of finding the worlds and answering the questions correctly is on another level.

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This is the first-of-its-kind puzzle that will reward you with hours of fun and entertainment, and also help them learn vocabulary, spelling, and fascinating facts on a variety of topics.

To download a printable pdf of 20 Trivia Word Search puzzles Click Here.

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