Fun WWE Trivia Questions and Answers


The WWE is one of the most entertaining shows on the planet. How much do you know of your favorite stars and divas? Test your knowledge of the show with the following fun and interesting trivia questions.

1. The Great Khali is from which country?



2. What is Great Khali’s finish move?


3. The only superstar to have won the International Championship eight times is?

Chris Jericho

4. Who is famous for saying “Excuse me”?

Vicky Gurreiro

5. Which Diva has the same first and last name?

Kelly Kelly

6. RKO is particular to which WWE superstar?

Randy Orton

7. Who holds the record for the longest time spent fighting in the ring for a Royal Rumble match?

Rey Mysterio

8. The rematch between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant at The Main Event in 1988 is famous for being?

The most-watched wrestling match in North America

9. Who did former US President Donald Trump fight in the ring?

Vince McMahon

10. What is Hornswoggle’s weight?


11. Which superstar won the very first Money in the Bank event?


12. How many Royal Rumbles has Stone Cold Steve Austin won?


13. John Cena supports which English football club?

Tottenham Hotspur

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14. Who says “Ball in” when he does his finish move?


15. Triple H and Shawn Michaels belong to which group?

The Generation X


16. Walls of Jericho is whose finisher?

Chris Jericho

17. Who won the 2000 King Of The Ring’ tournament?

Kurt Angle

18. Which Diva is the longest-reigning champion?

Nikki Bella

19. Brie Bella is whose twin?

Nikki Bella

20. “This is my house” is attributed to who?


21. The first overall draft in the WWE is?

The Rock Dwayne Johnson

22. Stephanie McMahon is known for being whose daughter?

Vince McMahon

23. Who is Triple H’s wife

Stephanie McMahon

24. Who won the maiden Smackdown Women’s Championship?

Becky Lynch

25. Which red-headed diva is famous for faking injuries to avoid a match?

Eva Marie

26. John Cena and Nikki Bella are both famous as?

Ex lovers

27. Who defeated John Cena in 2011 to become the unanimous WWE champion?

CM Punk

28. The WrestleMania officially debuted in what year +


29. The Alliance is a combination of which championships?


30. Who bought the WCW and ECW?

Shane and Stephanie McMahon

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31. John Cena’s debut was against who?

Kurt Angle

32. Triple H and Randy Orton fought a Steel Cage Match in 2008 at which tournament?

Judgement Day

33. Daniel Bryan debuted in which season of the NXT?

Season 1

34. Mark Henry’s debut was against?

Jerry King Lawler

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35. How many WWE championships did Hulk Hogan win?


36. Was Kane part of the Ministry of Darkness?


37. Which of these superstars is now a politician? Hulk Hogan, Kane, and R Truth.


38. “Awesome” is particularly attributed to who?

The Miz

39. Which superstar was the first Unanimous WWE champion?

Chris Jericho

40. Who is the first superstar to pin Mr Perfect?

Hulk Hogan

41. Uncle Elmer was the opponent of Adorable” Adrian Adonis at which WrestleMania tournament?

WrestleMania II

42. Which diva was drafted to SmackDown?

Kelly Kelly

43. The attitude adjustment is particularly attributed to?

John Cena

44. John Morrison and Edge were two of three stars who were drafted after the battle Royal. Who is the third person?

R Truth

45. Adam Rose’s signature move is called?

Party Foul

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46. What year did Ric Flair retire from WWE?


47. Brock Lesnar was 25 when he won his first WWE title. Yes or No?


48. The first female wrestler is the history of the WWE is?

Mary Lillian Ellison

49. Goldust6made his debut in what hear6?


50. What is Vince McMahon’s father’s name?

Vincent James McMahon

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