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Looking for a fun way to learn interesting things about Australia? We got your back. We have lined up some mind-blowing and error-free Australia questions that will expose you to lots of fascinating knowledge about Australia.

These Australia trivia questions will certainly come in handy when you are bored or want to surprise your family and friends with your knowledge about Australia. You can also play this with your friends, family, or co-workers. Try the questions and click on “Show Answer” to see the correct answers to the questions you’ve answered.

1. Which of the following is the national bird of Australia?
A. Australian magpie.
B. Laughing kookaburra.
C. Emu.
D. Cockatoo.

Answer: Laughing kookaburra.


2. Which is the national sport of Australia?
A. Football.
B. Golf.
C. Ski.
D. Cricket.

Answer: Cricket.

3. Which is correct about the Australian flag? It has__
A. Two big stars, four medium stars, and one small star.
B. One big star and four medium stars.
C. One big star, four medium stars, and one small star.
D. No big star, three medium stars, and one small star.

Answer: One big star, four medium stars, and one small star.

4. Which is the official national animal of Australia?
A. Koala.
B. Kangaroo.
C. Emu.
D. Wildlife.

Answer: Kangaroo.

5. The Olympics was first hosted by which Australian city?
A. Victoria.
B. Sydney.
C. Hobart.
D. Canberra.

Answer: Victoria.

6. Which of the following is the capital of Australia?
A. Victoria.
B. Sydney.
C. Hobart.
D. Canberra.

Answer: Canberra.

7. Which of these is the most produced food commodity in Australia?
A. Rice.
B. Sugar cane.
C. Sugar beet.
D. Flour.

Answer: Sugar cane.

8. Which is the largest lake in Australia?
A. Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.
B. Lake Frome.
C. Lake Barlee.
D. Lake Argyle.

Answer: Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.


9. Which is the largest city in Australia?
A. South China sea.
B. Tasman sea.
C. Arafura sea.
D. Coral sea.

Answer: Coral sea.

10. Which is the tallest building in Australia?
A. Q1.
B. Australia 108.
C. Brisbane sky tower.
D. Q12.

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Answer: Q1.

11. Which is the largest island in Australia?
A. Melville Island.
B. Kangaroo Island.
C. New Guinea Island.
D. Groote Eylandt Island.

Answer: New Guinea Island.

12. Which of the following is the largest sea in Australia?
A. Coral sea.
B. Arafura sea.
C. South China sea.
D. Tasman sea.

Answer: Coral sea.

13. Which is the largest city in Australia?
A. Darwin.
B. Perth.
C. Melbourne.
D. Brisbane.

Answer: Brisbane.

14. Who was the first Prime minister of Australia?
A. Scott Morrison.
B. Julia Gillard.
C. Edmund Barton.
D. Kevin Rudd.

Answer: Edmund Barton.

15. Who was the first female prime minister of Australia?
A. Julia Gillard.
B. Rosemary Follett.
C. Kristina Keneally
D. Nicole Mansion.

Answer: Julia Gillard.

16. Which of the following is the largest airport in Australia?
A. Brisbane International Airport.
B. Perth International Airport.
C. Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport.
D. Melbourne International Airport.

Answer: Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport.

17. What is the largest port container in Australia called?
A. Melbourne port.
B. Port Darwin.
C. Port Hedland.
D. Perth port.

Answer: Melbourne port.

18. What is the currency of Australia called?
A. Krone.
B. Euro.
C. Dollar.
D. Schilling.

Answer: Dollar.

19. What is the official flower of Australia called?
A. Waratah.
B. Golden wattle.
C. Bottlebrush.
D. Banksia.

Answer: Golden wattle.

20. In what year was the Australian dog fence built?
A. 1808.
B. 1088.
C. 1888.
D. 1880.

Answer: 1880.

21. Which is the highest mountain in Australia?
A. Mawson peak.
B. Mount Kosciuszko.
C. Mount Bogong.
D. Townsend mountain.

Answer: Mount Kosciuszko.

22. How many federal states are there in Australia?
A. 5.
B. 7.
C. 6.
D. 8.

Answer: 6.

23. How many Prime ministers has Australia had?
A. 30.
B. 21.
C. 23.
D. 29.

Answer: 29.

24. The oldest political party in Australia is what?
A. Nationals.
B. Australian Labor Party.
C. Liberal Party of Australia.
D. People’s party.

Answer: Australian Labor Party.

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25. Which is the shortest prime minister’s term in Australia?
A. 2 weeks.
B. 10 days.
C. 15 days.
D. 8 days.

Answer: 8 days.

26. The biggest star on the Australian flag is called what?
A. Government star.
B. Country star.
C. Federation star.
D. Federal star.

Answer: Federation star.

27. Who is the youngest Prime minister of Australia?
A. Chris Watson.
B. Paul Keating.
C. John Howard.
D. Frank Forde.

Answer: Frank Forde.

28. Who was the Prime minister who lasted for eight days?
A. Chris Watson.
B. Paul Keating.
C. John Howard.
D. Frank Forde.

Answer: Chris Watson.

29. Which meat is used in making Chiko rolls?
A. Goat.
B. Pork.
C. Beef.
D. Chicken.
Answer: Beef.

30. Which constellation is represented on the Australian flag?
A. Northern Cross.
B. Southern Cross.
C. Eastern Cross.
D. Western Cross.

Answer: Southern Cross.

31. Which of these countries is not bigger than Australia?
A. Russia.
B. China.
C. India.

Answer: India.

32. How many time zones does Australia have?
A. 3.
B. 2.
C. 1.
D. 4.
Answer: 3.

33. Which is the longest river in Australia?
A. Darling River.
B. Cooper Creek.
C. Murrumbidgee River.
D. Murray River.
Answer: Murray River.

34. There are more humans than kangaroos in Australia.
A. Maybe.
B. True.
C. False.
D. I don’t know.

Answer: False.

35. How many of the deadliest snakes are found in Australia?
A. 20.
B. 22.
C. 25.
D. 21.

Answer: 21.

36. In what year was Australia the richest country in the world?
A. 1865.
B. 1568.
C. 1856.
D. 1685.

Answer: 1865.

37. One of these is not found only in Australia.
A. Platypus.
B. Kangaroo.
C. Emu.
D. Monkey.

Answer: Monkey.

38. Which animal was considered a prank by English scientists?
A. Quokka.
B. Platypus.
C. Thorny devil.
D. Quoll.

Answer: Platypus.

39. Which of these is the longest bridge in Australia?
A. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
B. Sea Cliff Bridge.
C. Macleay River and Floodplain Bridge.
D. Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge.

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Answer: Macleay River and Floodplain Bridge.

40. Which is the deepest lake in Australia?
A. Lake St. Clair.
B. Lake Wollumboola.
C. Lake McKenzie.
D. Blue Lake.

Answer: Lake St. Clair.

41. Which of the following is the deepest sea in Australia?
A. Coral sea.
B. Arafura sea.
C. South China sea.
D. Tasman sea.
Answer: Tasman sea.

42. Which is the smallest island in Australia?
A. Fitzroy Island.
B. Tern Island.
C. Fraser Island.
D. Whitsundays Island.

Answer: Tern Island.

43. Which of these prime minister’s disappeared while swimming?
A. Harold Holt.
B. John Howard.
C. Frank Forde.
D. Chris Watson.

Answer: Harold Holt.

44. Which of these is the official name of Australia?
A. Republic of Australia.
B. People’s Republic of Australia.
C. Commonwealth of Australia.
D. Federation of Australia.

Answer: Commonwealth of Australia.

45. Someone who is from Queensland is called?
A. Potato greater.
B. Banana bender.
C. Queen.
D. Queenslander.

Answer: Banana bender.

46. What is the population of Australia as of 2021?
A. 25,766,000 people.
B. 24,566,605 people.
C. 2.9 million people.
D. 25,766,605 people.

Answer: 25,766,605 people.

47. What is Australia’s national cake?
A. Lamington cake.
B. Chocolate cake.
C. Dolly Varden Cake.
D. Vanilla cake.

Answer: Lamington cake.

48. What is the meaning of a mollydooker?
A. A right-handed person.
B. An ambidextrous person.
C. A left-handed person.
D. One with no hands.

Answer: A left-handed person.

49. Which of these is the largest carnivorous marsupial?
A. Quoll.
B. Thylacinus.
C. Tasmanian Devils.
D. Thylacine.

Answer: Tasmanian Devils.

50. Which is the largest stadium in Australia?
A. Adelaide Oval.
B. Melbourne Cricket Ground.
C. Optus Stadium.
D. Accor Stadium.
Answer: B.

51. Which is the 2nd most spoken language in Australia?
A. English.
B. Greek.
C. Spanish.
D. Mandarin.

Answer: Mandarin.

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