Interesting Chelsea FC Facts and Records

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Lots of drama go down in every English Premier League season. Records are created and broken, with some offset. We will be digging deep in this article to uncover some fascinating facts and stories about Chelsea FC like “A one-time owner of Chelsea Ken Bates, bought Chelsea for £1

Relax and read each fact carefully, because you will certainly discover some jaw-dropping Chelsea FC facts you can use to banter with your friends. 

Note: date-based facts are correct as of 2023.

1. The first foreign player to have played for Chelsea is Nils Middelboe.


2. The fastest goal of Chelsea was scored by Keith Weller in 12 seconds.

3. Chelsea signed a long-term deal with Nike as their official kit supplier during the 2017/18 season.

4. The oldest person to have played for Chelsea is Terry Howard at the age of 47 years, 7 months, and 21 days.

5. A one-time owner of Chelsea Ken Bates, bought Chelsea for £1 in 1982 due to a £1.5m Debt.

6. In old English, Chelsea was also spelled as Chelsey meaning ‘chalk landing place’.

7. The first black player of Chelsea is Paul Canoville.

8. Chelsea’s former official kit supplier was Adidas. This partnership lasted for 11 years.

9. Chelsea has won a total of 6 top-flight titles.

10. Chelsea is the first side to have won both the Champions and Europa League trophies simultaneously.

11. The best striker in the history of Chelsea is Didier Drogba who won their first Champions League victory and also won the Premier League and FA Cup four times.

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12. Chelsea has won 8 Football Association Cups.

13. Chelsea was established in 1905.

14. Chelsea has a wide range of sponsors ranging from WhaleFin, Cadbury, EA Sports, and Hublot among others.

15. Despite it being known that Chelsea owns the Stamford Bridge stadium. It has been confirmed that they do not own the stadium.


16. They have also won 5 League Cups.

17. John Robertson was the first manager of Chelsea and also the first player-manager of the club.

18. 4 Football Association Community Shields belong to Chelsea.

19. Chelsea is the first UEFA Champions League winner to get knocked off the group stage in the next season.

20. The longest-serving manager of Chelsea is David Calderhead who held the position from 1907 till 1933.

21. Chelsea has won 2 UEFA Champions League Titles.

22. Jose Mourinho is the most successful manager of Chelsea. He won 4 trophies as their manager.

23. They are among the only three clubs to be Premier League Champions they won the UEFA Champions League. The remaining two are Liverpool and Manchester United, all with a record of two times.

24. Chelsea FC has also won 2 UEFA European Cups.

25. The most decorated player in Chelsea is John Terry with about 15 trophies.

26. Ken Bates sold the club to Roman Abramovich for £140.

27. Chelsea is the first English team to have won 3 European trophies.

28. Chelsea has only won the FIFA World Cup once.

29. Chelsea’s greatest loss was when they were beaten by Wolverhampton Wanderers in a match of 8:1.

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30. Chelsea was founded by Henry Augustus Mears.

31. The most expensive transfer of Chelsea was made for Enzo Fernandez for a fee of £106.8 million.

32. Chelsea is the only London club to have won the UEFA Champions League.

33. Chelsea has been the most by Liverpool, about 70 times in 156 encounters.

34. The most appeared player of Chelsea is Ron Harris with 795 appearances.

35. The first home stadium of Chelsea was Stamford Bridge Stadium.

36. The current owner of Chelsea is Todd Boehly an American billionaire.

37. They were the first English team to qualify for the UEFA Champions Cup.

38. Frank Lampard is Chelsea’s top goal scorer with 211 goals in 648 appearances.

39. Chelsea is the second team after Arsenal to wear numbered shirts.

40. The home ground of Chelsea is Stamford Bridge. I

41. They are also the first English team to have scored 100 Premier League goals.

42. Chelsea won their first and only double in the 2009/10 season.

43. Chelsea once had the record for the longest unbeaten home run for 86 matches.

44. They are also the first London-based club to have won the UEFA Champions League.

45. It is rumored that Chelsea wants to change their name to ‘London Cowboys’.

46. The youngest player to have played for Chelsea is Ian Hamilton at the age of 16 years 138 days.

47. Petr Cech has the cleanest sheet for Chelsea having 202 clean sheets in 443 matches.

48. The first UEFA Champions League Titleholders to go out in the group phase the season after they won the title.

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49. The highest penalty scorer of Chelsea is Frank Lampard with 41 scored penalty.

50. Mears debated on naming the club London FC, Kensington FC, or Stamford Bridge FC.

51. In the 1999/2000 season, Chelsea created an all-foreign team for the matches.

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