Interesting Minnesota Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know the U.S. State of Minnesota? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Minnesota? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Minnesota like the first open heart operation in the world in Minnesota.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Minnesota Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Minnesota, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is the tallest building in Minnesota?
Answer – IDS Center

2. What is the oldest building in Minnesota?
Answer – Round Tower

3. What is the largest airport in Minnesota?
Answer – St. Paul International Airport (MSP)


4. What is the oldest school in Minnesota?
Answer – Saint Paul Central High School

5. How many counties are there in Minnesota?
Answer – 87

6. In what year did Minnesota become the 32nd state of the United States?
Answer – 1858

7. What is the meaning of Minnesota?
Answer – cloudy water

8. What is the capital of Minnesota?
Answer – Saint Paul

9. What is the largest city in the state of Minnesota?
Answer – Minneapolis

10. How many square miles does the state of Minnesota cover?
Answer – 86,000 square miles

11. What is the population of people in the state of Minnesota?
Answer – 5 million

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12. What is the nickname of Minnesota?
Answer – the Gopher state

13. The lowest point in Minnesota is?
Answer – Lake Superior at 601 ft

14. The highest point in the state of Minnesota is?
Answer – Eagle mountain at 2,301 ft

15. The official state tree of Minnesota is?
Answer – Norway pine

16. How many native species of trees grow around the state of Minnesota?
Answer – 52


17. The official state flower of Minnesota is?
Answer – white lady slipper

18. What is the state’s official bird?
Answer – Loon

19. What is the state of Minnesota famous for?
Answer – gemstones

20. What is the state’s official fish?
Answer – Walleye fish

21. What is the motto of the state of Minnesota?
Answer – star of the north

22. Which stadium in the United States happened to have hosted the NCAA Final Four Basketball championship?
Answer – Metrodome, Minneapolis

23. How many Indian nations are in there in the state of Minnesota?
Answer – 11

24. What is the largest mall in Minnesota?
Answer – The Bloomington mall America

25. In what year did Minnesota have an official state muffin?
Answer – 1988

26. The official state beverage of Minnesota is what?
Answer – Milk

27. F. Scott Fitzgerald, the writer of ” The Great Gatsby”, grew up here in Minnesota.
Answer – Saint Paul

28. Which US region is the state of Minnesota located in?
Answer – Northcentral

29. What are the Tourism slogans in the state of Minnesota?
Answer – the land of the sky-blue water

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30 Residents of Minnesota are known as____________?
Answer – Minnesotans

31. How many major rivers does Minnesota have?
Answer – 3

32. How many streams does the state of Minnesota have?
Answer – 6564

33. How many state parks does Minnesota have?
Answer – 67

34. What is the name of Minnesota’s first state park?
Answer – Ithaca

35. How many national historic landmarks does Minnesota have?
Answer – 25

36. What can be seen as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Minnesota?
Answer – Split Rock Lighthouse

37. What are the largest parkways in Minnesota?
Answer – the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway

38 . What is the name of one of the largest amusement parks in Minnesota?
Answer – Valleyfair

39. Minnesota has how many fortune companies?
Answer – 500

40. Where was the beloved singer and activist Bob Dylan born in Minnesota?
Answer – Duluth

41. How many ago did the first humans arrive in the Minnesota region?
Answer – 9000 years ago

42. What were the two names of the native Americans that lived in Minnesota?
Answer -. Dakota and Ojibwe

43. In what year was Minnesota’s first church built?
Answer – 1721

44. What is the name of the first military base in Minnesota?
Answer – Fort Snelling

45. When was the Minnesota territory formed?
Answer – 1849

46. In 1867, which city was founded on the Mississippi River?
Answer – Minneapolis

47. Who was the first surgeon to first an open heart operation in the world in Minnesota in 1952?
Answer – Dr. C Walton Lillehei

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48. In what year did the state of Minnesota implement a nationwide smoking ban on all bars?
Answer – 2007

49. Who was the man convicted of the largest fraud in the state’s history?
Answer – Tom Petters

50. In what year was George Floyd murdered by a policeman in Minneapolis?
Answer – May 2020

51. Who was the first governor of Minnesota?
Answer – Henry H. Sibley

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