Interesting Missouri Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know the U.S. State of Missouri? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Missouri? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Missouri like the oldest high school in Missouri.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Missouri Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Missouri, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. Who was the first governor of Missouri?
Answer – Alexander McNair

2. What is Missouri’s nickname?
Answer – The Show-Me State

3. What is the name of the oldest high school in Missouri?
Answer – Saint Louis University


4. What is the name of the largest beer-producing plant in the state of Missouri?
Answer – Budweiser

5. Who was the founder of the first newspaper in Missouri?
Answer – Joseph Charles

6. In what year was Mark Twain, the world’s renowned influential writer born in Missouri?
Answer – 1835

7. What is the name of the oldest museum in Missouri?
Answer – Missouri History Museum

8. In what year did lightning strike a Missouri state building, which resulted in a fire outbreak?
Answer – 1911

9. Missouri state is named after which river?
Answer – Missouri river

10. The University of Missouri was the first college in the world to grant a degree in _________?
Answer – Journalism

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11. In what year was the university of Missouri founded?
Answer – 1908

12. In what year was the deposit of lead found in the state of Missouri?
Answer – 1750

13. What ice cream vendor in Missouri was the first to start the use of ice cream cones?
Answer – St Louis world’s fair

14. Who was the only United States president to be born in Missouri state?
Answer – Harry S. Truman

15. What is the name of the largest airport in Missouri?
Answer – St Louis Lambert International

16. What is the name of the second largest working train in the US found in Missouri state?
Answer – Union station


17. Where is the first American jazz museum located in Missouri?
Answer – Kansas City

18. What is the United States’ tallest monument found in the state of Missouri?
Answer – the Gateway arch

19. How many people were killed in the deadliest tornado in the history of Missouri?
Answer – 695 people

20. How many caves can be found in Missouri?
Answer – 6000

21. How many restaurants can Kansas city boast of?
Answer – 100 restaurants

22. How many farms can be found in the state of Missouri?
Answer – 10,000 farms

23. Which area in Missouri can be seen as a renaissance city for youths?
Answer – Spring field MO

24. What is the best place to live, in Missouri?
Answer – At St peters

25. What is the official adoption date of the flag of Missouri?
Answer – March 22, 1913

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26. What is the state capital of Missouri State?
Answer – Jefferson City

27. What is the largest city in Missouri?
Answer – Kansas City

28. What is the population of people in the state of Missouri?
Answer – approximately 6 million

29. How many counties are in Missouri?
Answer – 114

30. What can they call people living in Missouri?
Answer – Missourian

31. What is the official language in Missouri?
Answer – English

32. What is the highest point in Missouri?
Answer – Taum Sauk Mountain

33. What is the lowest point in Missouri?
Answer – St Francis river
34. Who is the governor of Missouri in 2022?
Answer – Mike Parson

35. Who is the lieutenant governor of Missouri in 2022
Answer – Mike Kehoe

36. What is the state’s official bird?
Answer – Bluebird

37. What is the state’s official flower?
Answer – Hawthorn

38. What is the state’s official animal?
Answer – Missouri mule

39. What is the state’s official mineral?
Answer – Galena

40. What is the state’s official tree?
Answer – flowering dogwood

41. What is the postal code of Missouri?
Answer – MO

42. In what year did Missouri become a state of the Union?
Answer – 1821

43. What is the motto of the state of Missouri?
Answer – let the welfare of the people be the supreme law

44. In what year did the French fur sellers settle in Missouri?
Answer – 1764

45. What is the oldest university in Missouri?
Answer – Saint Louis university

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46. What is the average size of a farm in Missouri state?
Answer – 269 acres

47. In what year was the first person to jump with a parachute from a plane in Missouri?
Answer – 1912

48. How many parks can be found in Missouri?
Answer – 93

49. What is the largest animal in Missouri?
Answer – bison

50. Where were the inventors of microchips Jack Kilby and James Fergason born?
Answer – Missouri

51. The first ever commercial ready mix food to be ever sold was made by who?
Answer – Aunt Jemima

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