Interesting Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers

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Are you ready to test how well you know the U.S. State of Nevada? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Nevada? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Nevada like “the Nevada location where the first skeletons of human beings were found“.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Nevada Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Nevada, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is the nickname of Nevada state?
Answer – The silver state

2. What is the capital of Nevada state?
Answer – Carson city


3. What is the biggest city in Nevada?
Answer – Las Vegas

4. What is the population of people living in Nevada state?
Answer – approximately 3 million

5. What is the state’s official bird?
Answer – Mountain bluebird

6. What is the state’s official flower?
Answer – Sagebrush

7. The name Nevada comes from which Spanish word?
Answer – Nevada means snow-clad

8. What is the motto of Nevada state?
Answer – All for the country

9. In what year was gambling legalized in Nevada state?
Answer – 1931

10. What are the two countries that claimed Nevada before the United States claimed it in 1848?
Answer – Mexico and Spain

11. In what year did Nevada become the only state in the US to allow boxing matches?
Answer – 1910

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12. In what year were the hard hats used for construction produced in Nevada?
Answer – 1933

13. What is the most haunted town in Nevada state?
Answer – Virginia City

14. Where is the tallest freestanding observation tower in Nevada located?
Answer – Las Vegas

15. Where were the first skeletons of human beings ever found in the world located in Nevada?
Answer – Hidden Cave

16. How many designated areas of wilderness can be found in Nevada?
Answer – 23


17. How many acres of land of the reservoir is made by humans in the state of Nevada?
Answer – 44,000

18. What is the lowest point in Nevada state?
Answer – Colorado River

19. What is the highest point in Nevada state?
Answer – Boundary Peak

20. What is the largest lake in Nevada state?
Answer – Lake Tahoe

21. How many pounds of shrimp are consumed in Nevada every day
Answer – 60,000

22. Nevada is the world’s fourth largest producer of what metal?
Answer- Gold

23. How many national parks does Nevada have?
Answer – 2

24. How many mountain ranges can be found in the state of Nevada?
Answer – 300

25. What is the name of the largest reservoir in Nevada?
Answer – Lake Mead

26. When was Lake Mead first created?
Answer – 1930

27. How much does the gambling industry generate for Las Vegas per year?
Answer – 2 billion dollar

28. How many tonnes of gold does Nevada state produce per year?
Answer – 170 tonnes

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29. Who is the inventor of Levis’s jeans in Nevada state?
Answer – Jacob Davis

30. Where was the spirit cave mummy found in Nevada?
Answer – Fallon

31. Where were large deposits of silver discovered in Nevada state?
Answer – Comstock Lode

32. In what year were major silver deposits discovered at Comstock Lode?
Answer – 1859

33. Why is Nevada state nickname known as the silver state?
Answer – because of huge silver deposits found in Nevada

34. What kind of laws is Nevada known for?
Answer- libertarian laws

35. What is the name of the first casino to open in Nevada?
Answer – Pair O – Dice

36. In what year was the first Nevada flag adopted?
Answer – 1929

37. What is the official song of Nevada state?
Answer – ‘Home Means Nevada

38. Who was the governor who signed into law the bill legalizing gambling in the state?
Answer – Fred Blazer

39. What is the name of the first community college to open in Nevada?
Answer – Great Basin College

40. In what year was the first community college opened in Nevada state?
Answer – 1967

41. What is the state’s official fossil?
Answer – ichthyosaur

42. What was the largest running show in Las Vegas?
Answer – Folies Bergere

43. What was Nevada’s smallest incorporated state?
Answer – Gabbs city

44. What is the most profitable product in Nevada?
Answer – Wheat

45. What is Reno city’s nickname?
Answer – The biggest little city in the world

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46. What is the nickname of Las Vegas in the world?
Answer – Entertainment Capital of the world

47. How many mountain lions are there in the state of Nevada?
Answer – 3500

48. What can you call people who live in Nevada state?
Answer – Nevadan

49. Who is the governor of Nevada State in 2022?
Answer – Steve Sisolak

50. Who is the lieutenant governor of Nevada State in 2022?
Answer – Lisa Cano Burkhead

51. What is the state’s official reptile?
Answer – Desert Tortoise

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