Interesting Pennsylvania Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test how well you know the U.S. State of Pennsylvania? or Do you want to have fun learning some interesting and uncommon facts about Pennsylvania? We got you, as these fact-filled trivia questions will expose you to many fascinating facts about Pennsylvania like “the writing instrument was invented in Philadelphia“.

Be ready for fun, as we have lined up easy and difficult Pennsylvania Trivia questions that will expose you to the culture, geography, politics, and history of the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, some you will know others you will be happy to find out.

1. What is Pennsylvania’s nickname?
Answer- The Keystone State

2. What does Pennsylvania mean?
Answer- Penns Woods


3. What is the state animal?
Answer- White-Tailed Deer

4. What is Pennsylvania’s most valuable mineral?
Answer- Coal

5. How many counties are in Pennsylvania?
Answer- 67

6. What is Pennsylvania’s motto?
Answer- Virtue, Liberty & Independence

7. How does Pennsylvania rank in size among the 50 states?
Answer- 33rd largest

8. How many state parks are there in Pennsylvania?
Answer- 117

9. Where is the oldest gas station in the United States located?
Answer- Altoona, PA

10. The first US coast-to-coast highway in the US was?
Answer- Route 30

11. What year did Pennsylvania become a state?
Answer- 1787

12. What is the highest point in Pennsylvania?
Answer- Mount Davis

13. What is the lowest elevation in Pennsylvania?
Answer- Delaware River

14. How long is a Pennsylvania Governor elected for?
Answer- 4 years

15. Who was the only US President from Pennsylvania?
Answer- James Buchanan

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16. What is the state beverage?
Answer- milk


17. What is the name of the river at the state capital?
Answer- Susquehanna

18. How many senators does Pennsylvania have?
Answer- 2

19. What are the state colors?
Answer- Blue & Gold

20. In Pennsylvania how old must you be to vote?
Answer- 18

21. Where is the oldest golf course in America?
Answer- Clarion

22. Pennsylvania is officially called a?
Answer- Commonwealth

23. What state is located directly north of Pennsylvania?
Answer- New York

24. Who was Pennsylvania’s only woman governor?
Answer- Hanna Penn

25. What is the second-largest city in Pennsylvania?
Answer- Pittsburgh

26. What two states are located West of Pennsylvania?
Answer- West Virginia & Ohio

27. What is the state fish?
Answer- Brook Trout

28. What state in the US has the most covered bridges?
Answer- Pennsylvania

29. Which Pennsylvania City was home to famous movie actor Jimmy Stewart?
Answer- Indiana

30. What Pennsylvania City was named the capital of the US for one day?
Answer- Lancaster

31. What is the state insect?
Answer- Firefly

32. Who gave Penn’s Woods to William Penn?
Answer- King Charles II of England

33. What is the PA county with the least population?
Answer- Forest

34. What does “Pennsylvania Dutch” really mean?
Answer- Pennsylvania German

35. What is the state tree?
Answer- Hemlock

36. Where was the United State’s first major nuclear power plant accident?
Answer- Three Mile Island

37. What PA town was the first ever to be illuminated by electricity in 1881?
Answer- Philipsburg

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38. What writing instrument was invented in Philadelphia?
Answer- Pencil with Attached Eraser

39. The first white settlers in Pennsylvania were of what nationality?
Answer- Swedish & Dutch

40. What river in Pennsylvania flows north?
Answer- Monongahela

41. The first and only surrender by George Washington occurred in 1758.
Answer- Fort Necessity

42. What did Pennsylvanian Christopher L. Sholes invent?
Answer- Typewriter

43. The “Big Mac” hit of McDonald’s originated in what Pennsylvania city?
Answer- Uniontown

44. The first public library in the united state was established in Pennsylvania in what year?
Answer- 1731

45. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s popular football team?
Answer- The Steelers

46. Can you name the famous golfer from Latrobe, Pennsylvania?
Answer- Arnold Palmer

47. What time zone is Pennsylvania located in?
Answer- Eastern

48. What musical instrument did Anthony Faas patent in 1854 in Pennsylvania?
Answer- Accordion

49. What is the state animal?
Answer- White-Tailed Deer

50. What form of public transportation first began in Philadelphia in 1884?
Answer- Taxi

51. Can you name 2 branches of the Pennsylvania Legislature?
Answer- Senate & House of Representatives

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