Making Money Online Secret – How to Make over $2000 from commenting

This may be one of the easiest things you can do to make money online. Yes, by just writing 2 lines of comment on 5 blogs you can make $20. The most interesting part is that the comments will be copy and paste.

I will be exposing the step and step process of doing this, but before we dive into that, let me show you proof that this is real and not clickbait.

From the image above, you can see that these people are charging $20 just to write 5 comments on a blog, and they have 3 or more orders to complete daily. They will be making a minimum of 3X$20 which is over $60 daily.

I will be teaching you how to do this. I will show you the website you can find people that are ready to pay you this amount and even higher just to comment. I will also tell you how to write comments and how to find blogs to comment on.


You will also learn a trick to get more customers than other sellers on this website. First, let me answer this question, Why will someone pay me $20 to comment?

Why Will Someone Pay $20 for a Simple Comment?

Someone can pay you this high just to comment because it will help his/her website SEO. What is SEO? you may ask. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

It is the process of making someone’s website gain the trust of google so that their website can come up as a result when someone searches for something relating to their website.

One way to gain trust from google is to put the link of your website on other websites on the internet. So your job will be to find websites that have a comment section and write 2 lines of comment and post their link.

Where to find someone that will pay me $20 to write comments?

The website to find lots of people willing to pay for comments is

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people sell digital services. Lots of people go to this website to buy digital services and they are lots of people buying this blog comment service as you can see from the pix above.

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So, you will have to sign up for this website and create a service(Gig) that will tell buyers that you have a list of good websites that you will manually write a blog comment on.

Before I work you through that signup and creating service process, let me first show you how to find blogs you can comment on for free.

How To Do Blog Commenting

The first step of doing a blog comment job is finding websites you can comment on.

Finding Websites you can comment on

It is very easy to find these websites.
In fact, here are links to some websites you can find websites you can write comments on and get paid.

Below are some of the websites to comment on from the link above.
Backlinko: DA 63
Elegant Themes Blog: DA 90
AdvanceWebRanking: DA 55 DA 51
SmartBlogger: DA 58 DA 47
Niche Pursuits: DA 52
RobbieRichards: DA 41
Inspire to Thrive: DA 39
Yaro Blog: DA 50
Beaver Builder Blog: DA 55 Blog: DA 56
Torque Magazine: DA 56
WP Tavern: DA 57
Jungle Scout Blog: DA 57
ThirstyAffiliates Blog: DA 43

The second method may not be ethical, but it is an easy trick to get lots of websites to comment on.
This method involves getting the list from other sellers on

If you visit and search for “blog comment” on the search bar, you will see some of the sellers selling this same blog comment services, message any of them and ask them to please, give you the list of websites that they will post your links on.
As I said before this is unethical.


Note: A quality website has high DA(Domain Authority). This is a measure of how good a website is.
Here is a free website you can use to check the DA of any website.

Also, niche-related websites mean websites similar to your buyer’s website. Let’s say your buyer’s website talks about dogs, a website related to his niche can be a website talking about animals or pets.

What will I write as a comment?

The blog comments can be as simple as lines related to the buyer’s website.
For example, if the website is about dogs, like in the example above. You can go and google “Benefits of dogs”
Find a website and copy the answers from and use this free website to write what you copied.
I just learned that Dogs can help reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease from this website(Put the website of our client).

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How to Sign Up on and start making money

The first step is to click this link and register as a seller if you don’t have a account yet.

Here is a detailed article with an easy step-by-step process on how to create a seller account.

In step 5 they will require you to talk about your experience, below is a sample of what you can input there. Note, you have to edit it so it will be unique.

I’m John, hello! I have off-page SEO experience. I employ cutting-edge SEO strategies, including digital tactics, to boost traffic and rank keywords that point to your website. I collaborated with huge clients who had sizable budgets and digital agencies.
Ready to increase your earnings?

Find out how I can support the expansion of your company by getting in touch with me!

Remember to Upload a good photograph of yourself.

I have created a seller account on, What’s next?

The next step is to create a Fiverr Gig. What is Fiverr Gig you may ask? This is creating attention-grabbing details about the service you sell on Fiverr, in our case “blog commenting” service.

Here is a detailed article with an easy step-by-step process on how to create a Gig on and I will work you through the process in detail.

Step 1:

  • Gig Title: I will manually make a comment on high-quality backlinks blogs
  • Category: Digital Marketing Subcategory: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) > Off-Page SEO
  • Search tags: SEO, Backlinks, blog comment, Search Engine Optimization, Off-Page SEO

Step 2: Scope and pricing

  • Name your package: I will write 5 comments on high DA and Niche related blogs
  • Delivery Time: 1 day
  • Revisions: Leave it empty.
  • Price: choose between 5 to 20 dollars. I suggest $5 for a beginner.
  • Extra Services: 10 for 10 comments and 20 for 20 comments.

Step 3: Description and FAQ

Greetings and welcome!

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Do you want to boost page rank, increase traffic, and skyrocket the rankings of your website using high DA backlinks?

That is precisely what you receive when you use my High-Quality Backlinks and Dofollow Blog Commenting Service.

You get High Authority Backlinks that I will manually build. These links quickly increase your trust and authority in the eyes of the search engines, boosting your ranks and traffic from White Hat Backlinks.

Are you prepared to boost rankings and traffic? Receive High Quality Dofollow SEO Backlinks from High DA PA Sites by ordering this Service.

If you need more information or have any questions, send me a message.

FAQ: Leave that empty

Step 4: Requirements

Requirements: “Send your website URL and niche”

Step 5: Gallery

For the image you will use, you will sign up on a free website that will help create a 1280 x 769 px image using your picture.

This video can help you. It is simple and will take max 10 mins.
After creating the image, upload it to Fiverr, and you are done with this step.

Leave the other media format empty, you can also do a video of yourself if you want to Gig to stand out.

Step 6: Publish
Just click Publish and you are done.

The trick that will help you stay above your competitors.

Note: may be against this trick, but it works for people.
Here is how Fiverr works: For you to sell more, people must find your gig, and for your gig to be found on the first page, you must have sales and good reviews.

How will I get sales and good reviews since I am just starting?
The recommended way is to share or promote the gig on social media, so people can buy from you. This is difficult and time talking.

So, I will expose the unethical, but easy way. It is called a review exchange.

Below is a video on an easy step-by-step method to do a review exchange.

Hope this article will help you to make some money, let me know if you need help in the comment section below. Click Here to Discover the latest Easy Making Money Online Method 

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