The Maze Runner Trivia Questions and Answers

The Maze Runner Trivia Questions and Answers

The Maze Runner is a 2014 American dystopian science fiction action thriller genre movie that was directed by Wes Ball. We have created these fun error-free trivia questions for you to play with friends and family when you are bored or when you are looking for some interesting game to pass time with. If you are a fan of the Maze Runner Movie, then you will definitely find this Maze Runner trivia interesting because it will bring back some of the memories and emotions of the Maze Runner Movie.


1. Before the filming began, the production hired snake wranglers to make the areas that they were filming snake-free. True or false?


2. How many snakes were found at the site of the filming? 40 or 25?


3. To remember to leap, Thomas Brodie-Sangster would put a rock where? Shoe or Cap?


4. What is the name of the actor that acted as Chuck in the movie?

Blake Cooper


5. What was one of the doest things that Thomas remembered when he entered the glade? His age or Images of people with smeared faces?

Images of people with smeared faces

6. The glader word Klunk means? Idiot or poo?


7. How many quadrants are there in the maze? 12 or 8?


8. Was a chopper one of the jobs that people had in the glade? Yes or no?


9. What word is written on the beetle blades’ backs? Wicked or grieve?


10. What was the first thing that Thomas was called by the Gladers and what does it mean?

Shank which means fellow

11. What happens to you when you get stung by the griever? Death or the changing?

The changing

12. What is the name of the last “Greenbean” before Thomas arrived?


13. The runner investigates the Maze. True or false?


14. Teresa’s arrival to the Maze caused what? The saving or the ending?

The ending

15. Who is the first person Thomas had a conversation with when he arrived at the maze?


16. The part of the maze where the boys live and where runners return to at night is called?


17. What is Minho the leader of the runners known as?

Keeper of the Runners


18. What is the first rule of the maze?

Do your part

19. How frequently does the layout of the maze change? Weekly or daily?


20. What was Thomas doing on his first day working on the crops? Digging the soil or fetching the fertilizer?

Fetching the fertilizer

21. A new arrival usually comes up on the elevator every? Month or week?


22. What did the note that Teresa had in her hand when she arrived read?

She’s the last one ever

23. What name did the scientist place on the catastrophic event which had devastated life on the planet? The fire or the flare?

the flare

24. How many days did it take to shoot the maze runner? 55 or 44?


25. What is the name of the actor that acted as Newt?

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

26. The cast was taught how to build tools and shelter out of the surrounding nature. True or false?


27. What is the name of the scientist that the character Newt was named after?

Isaac Newton

28. How many days did Dylan O’Brian have to read the book before filming? 10 or 4?


29. In the book, how did Teresa and Thomas communicate? Telephone or each other’s mind?

Each other’s mind

30. What was the original name of the Maze Runner?

Lord of the Flies meets Lost

31. How is the acronym W.C.K.D pronounced in the movie?


32. In the novel, the walls of the maze were much taller than how it was portrayed in the movie. True or false?


33. Where are Wes Ball and Wyck Godfrey’s names written? On the maze or the Glader name wall?

Glader name wall

34. Who did Dylan O’Brien have a wrestling sequence with? Craig Braun or Will Poulter?

Will Poulter

35. Who did Kaya Scodelario shoot with on a tree which she later described as her favorite scene? Thomas or O’Brian?


36. What is the name of the actor that broke his cheekbone while filming the maze runner?

Dylan O’Brien

37. Did the filmmakers test the cast members’ physical abilities to run and jump before filming? Yes or no?


38. Who wanted Kaya Scodelario to play Teresa from the beginning?

Wes Ball

39. Who auditioned for both Gally and Newt? Thomas Brodie-Sangster or Will Poulter?

Will Poulter

40. The similarity they the grievers have in both the movie and novel is that they both have legs and run. True or false?


41. What did the producers change that happened in the novel between Teresa and Thomas? Love or telepathy?


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42. In the novel, Newt calls Thomas by his name. True or false?


43. What is the name of the director that directed this movie?

Wes Ball

44. In the movie it rains in the glades and in the novel, it doesn’t. Is it true or not?

it’s true

45. Did Thomas Brodie-Sangster ever read the Maze Runner book? Yes or no?


46. What is the name of the studio that offered Wes Ball the opportunity to direct The Maze Runner?

Fox studio

47. What was Ki Hong’s favorite slang for The Maze Runner book in the movie? Klunk or shuck?


48. What is the name of the movie that influenced Wes’ style in directing the Maze Runner?

jurassic park

49. What was Will Poulter’s favorite slang from the Maze runner book? shuck or shank?


50. What is the name of the actor that played the role of Minho?

Ki Hong Lee

51. What is the name of the swear words that the gliders used in the book?

Gladers slang

52. Did Wes Ball ever meet the artist that created the concept artwork for the film? Yes or no?


53. Did Wes Ball watch Terrence Malick for inspiration? Yes or no?


54. The Maze Runner was not the first all-digital release film by 20th Century Fox. True or false?


55. Was the scene of Scodelario’s character arriving in the middle of the glade surrounded by 30 boys the first scene she shot? Yes or no?


56. How many acres of a local farm did the production use for the filming? 40 acres or 18 acres?

80 acres

57. What was the production cost budget of the Maze Runner? $100 million or $34 million?

$34 million

58. The ending of the first movie was not the beginning of the second. True or false?


59. In which year was the maze runner novel published? 2006 or 2009?


60. How many setups did the crew do on the first day of the shooting? 60 or 36?


61. Who was the person that shot an arrow at Ben in the Maze Runner book? Alby or Thomas?


62. Who was the person that was originally set to direct the movie?

Catherine Hardwick

63. What is the name of the actor that has starred in season 1 of the Nickelodeon show Victorious (2010)?

Ki Hong Lee

64. Was the part where Teresa spent some time in the pit in the book appear in the movie? Yes or no?


65. What was the name that can be seen when Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) was carving his name on the wall? Bill or Scott?


66. Who was the first person that went to the glade? Minho or Alby?


67. How many months did Alby stay in the glade alone? 2 months or 1 month?

1 month

68. Where did the 16-year-old Thomas wake up? Elevator or old bus?


69. Did Patricia Clarkson feature in the Maze Runner movie? Yes or no?


70. Did the 16-year-old Thomas know where he was and who he was? Yes or no?


71. How much did the movie top the box office during its opening weekend? $30 million or $32.5 million?

$32. 5

72. Which part of the intricate maze was Thomas in? The last part or the middle part?

The middle part

73. Did Kaya Scodelario feature in this movie? Yes or no?


74. How much did the Maze Runner earn at the box office? $200 million or $348 million?

$348 million

75. How big was the biggest snake that was found by the snake wranglers that were hired by the production?

5 feet Rattlesnake

76. Except for Thomas Brodie-Sangster, was there any other British cast that was allowed to keep their British accent? Yes or no?


77. Was Wes Ball’s name also written on the glade name wall? Yes or no?


78. Did producer Wyck Godfrey take casting advice from his children?


79. Wyck Godfrey’s name was not written on the glade name wall. True or false?


80. Was the maze contained within a dome? Yes or no?


81. Was the weather and sky in the movie real or artificial?


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