The Office trivia questions and answers

The Office trivia questions and answers

Everyone loves the popular sitcom The Office. But, how much do you know about the show? Let us test your knowledge to see how much of a fan you are and the number of episodes you actually watched. Here are 50  interesting The Office trivia questions and answers. You may also discover some interesting details that you missed out in the movie after going through these trivia questions and answers.

1. Where did Michael Scott move to when he decided to start a new life with Holly?

Answer: Boulder, Colorado

2. Which of Angela’s cats was killed by Dwight?


3. Pam was engaged to who before Jim?



4. Pam and Jim Halper’s kids were named?

Cecelia “Cece” and Phillip

5. What was Phyllis’s nickname in high school as revealed by Michael at her wedding?

Easy Rider

6. Michael Scott worked how many minutes at the office?

9,986,000 minutes

7. Suck It was specifically attributed to who?

David Wallace

8. Who played Walter, Andy’s brother?

Josh Groban

9. Hunter was whose assistant at corporate?

Jan Levinson

10. Deangelo Vickers was whose replacement?

Michael Scott

11. Danny Cordray won Hottest in the Office at whose last Dundies?

Michael Scott

12. Cynthia was whose mistress?

Stanley Hudson

13. Dwight and Michael tried stealing clients from which local competitor?

Prince Family Paper

14. What did Kelly give during her America’s Got Talent finale party as party favors?

Coffee mugs

15. Jim Halpet has how many brothers?


16. What amount did Bob Vance bid on Phyllis’ hug?



17. Plop’s actual name was?


18. How many rules must Schrute boys learn before they are 5?


19. Who did Michael take to Jamaica?


20. Andy’s Capella group at Cornell was called?

Here Comes Treble

21. “The tea in Nepal is very hot but the coffee in Peru is much hotter” is whose security code?


22. Who caused a fire at the office while warming a cheese pita?


23. Michael’s movie was titled?

Threat Level Midnight

24. Where did Pam and Jim’s first kiss take place?


25. The building security guard was named?


26. Dwight keeps an extra set of a certain item in his car for grand occasions


27. Pam’s favorite yogurt flavor was?

Mixed berry

28. Kevin got who for Secret Santa?


29. Kevin, Erin, Kelly, and Meredith’s trivia team was called?

The Einsteins

30. Erin Hannon’s real name was?


31. What sandwiches did Michael dream of as head of Michael Scott Paper Company?

Peanut butter and tunafish

32. Henrietta was whose porcupine?


33. The thermos Michael offered Pam during morning deliveries contained what?

Milk and sugar

34. What brand did Michael Scott wear when he accidentally wore a woman’s suit?


35. Dwight’s farm primarily produced what?


36. Which of the famous comedians did Michael imitate?

Chris Rock

37. Which employee read the Goldenface part of Michael’s movie script?


38. The three major members of the planning committee were?

Angela, Pam6, and Phyllis

39. What substance did Jim put Dwight’s office supplies into?


40. Where in Pennsylvania was the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch located?

Lackawanna County

41. What exclusive club was established by Oscar, Pam, and Toby Flenderson?

Finer Things Club

42. In season 4, who won the Fun Run?

Toby Flenderson

43. Scranton’s nickname was?

The Electric City

44. Who did Pam convince about CIA recruitment?


45. Where did Jim propose to Pam?

The Gas Station

46. Which employee was hit by Michael’s car?


47. Whose mom did Michael date?


48. Gabe Lewis’s middle name was?


49. Robert California was played by which actor?

James Spader

50. Who owned the Cornell hockey bobble head?


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