Top 10 websites for Downloading Free Word Search Puzzles printable

Free Interesting Word Search Puzzles printable Download

Puzzle games help to develop intellectual and mental skills and this is why most people love to play them. There are many types of puzzle games such as cross puzzles and other word games. Although many people love to play their games online, there are some other people that prefer to bring those games to reality. Teachers also make use of these printable word search puzzles to teach their students. This is where websites, where you can download printable Word games like word search puzzles, are important, and below are some of these top websites.

1. Super Teacher

Super Teacher is a website that helps you to create word search puzzles yourself. At this website, it does not take much time to create these puzzles as it won’t even take up to a minute to have all the puzzles you want to be downloaded into your device and ready to print. The website also gives your many options and makes things easier by allowing you to set the difficulty level of the game. You can either set it to be easy, medium or hard using a slider that is made available. It also provides you with a sample of puzzles that you can make use of to create your own. You can access Super Teacher and create your own Word Search puzzles Printables here.


Funsided is one of the amazing websites that you can find if you are looking for educational content. This website provides you with fun facts and trivia questions and answers about many topics that both teachers and students or any other person may want to learn. The most important is that it also provides users with different types of word search puzzles that they can download to their device and print.
The word search puzzles in this website are mostly for seniors and adults but any other person can make use of it since it is versatile. It has one of the largest collections of printable puzzles, with about 300 puzzles available. The puzzles are available in large fonts to make it easy for adults to read, it also has a usage guide that helps users to solve the puzzles and also an answer page where you can see the answer to the puzzle. Click here to download these 300 free printable word search puzzles which you may not find anywhere.

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3. Wordsearch Fun

Wordsearch puzzle is also another good option to get your word search puzzles. It also gives you the option to create your own custom word search puzzles using their Wordsearch puzzles maker with just four steps. They even allow their user to download and print these word search puzzles in different sizes, from 9×9 to 15×15. You can increase the difficulty of the game using an option that they will provide. Another good feature of this website is that it allows you to email the downloaded word search puzzles directly to your email. Puzzle games from Wordsearch Fun are approved to be used by some high schools in the US and you can download free printable word search puzzles here.

4. Word Search Generator

In terms of customization options, Word Search Generator is one of the best in this category. It allows you to tweak everything in the word search puzzle to the taste you want including the difficulty of the game, the font size and type of text, the grid option, and also word placement options. This website is basically for teachers or those who need a word search puzzle game that they set by themselves and not a computer. The website of this puzzle creator provides you with all the information you need to know about how to operate their puzzle generator, including how to print, set the size, margin, and preview. To go to this website, to create and download your own word search printable for free.


5. Puzzle Fast

Puzzle fast allows you to create different puzzles ranging from word search, number finds, crosswords, scrambling, and some other types of puzzles. it allows you to download and print the already generated one or the one that you have played. Where this website lacks custom-generated games, it makes up the quality of the game. It also gives you the option to change the display style and font of the words and also color before you download and print. It is an instant puzzle generator and once you click the option on the website that says remake, you can make as many puzzles as you want and you can download free word search puzzles from this website here.

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6. Fun Brain (Word Turtle)

The fun brain is also known as Word Turtle is a website where you can play, download, and print word search puzzle games. It gives you the option to play against yourself or the computer and also you are allowed to tweak the difficulty level to the one you want which ends at super hard difficulty. When you want to download and print a certain puzzle game on this website, you are expected to set the level of the puzzle games first and also the font, color, and style of the texts before you can download and print. This word search puzzle generator also allows you to choose the type of word search game you want to play according to the class you are in at school, ranging from preschool to 12th grade. You can download the word search puzzles on this website here.

7. Armoured Penguin

Armoured Penguin is a website that makes word search puzzles available in printable PDF format (PDF format means portable document format). One good thing about his website is that it also allows a user to download and print their puzzle games in other formats such as HTML. Before printing, Armoured Penguin allows you to set how difficult you want the game to be and also the color of the sheet and the text size and fonts. It also gives you the opportunity to download and print the answers to the puzzles you just downloaded. It has a large collection of topics of word search puzzles available and it can handle many different languages. You can access this website to download your word search puzzles or create them yourself here.

8. Superkids

At Super kids word search puzzle, you are allowed to create some quick puzzles according to how you want them. It may not be a good choice if you want to create a very difficult puzzle but is a very good option for word search puzzles that you want to set for little children. It allows you to set the grid size and input the words that you want to be in the game. If you want to create puzzle games for your kids at home or for kids that you teach, this website is a good place to be. The super kid is also a website that provides its users with other educational tools like vocabulary builder, trivia questions and answers, logic games, maths worksheets, and others. It also has a good collection of topics for word search puzzles, from basic things such as color and shapes to complex things such as geography. If you want to make use of this website to create your printable word search puzzle, you can access it here.

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9. Puzzle Maker

Children also play puzzles at home or in class and also there are some people that want to play the word search puzzles that they created by themselves. Puzzle maker is simple for this group of people since it does not have too many options like setting difficulty level, changing the color, font size of the words, etc. Rather the only option it gives you is the option to change how the grid lines will be after you have finished inputting the words that you need inside the game before you download a printable copy. This website gives you an option to give your word search puzzle a name and also a subtitle which is pretty good for an instant puzzle maker. To access this website and create printable word search puzzles.

10. Discovery Educations Puzzle Maker

Discovery Educations Puzzle Maker is another top website that allows people to create their word search puzzles with many different options when they want to download and print. This website allows you to print your word search puzzles in text format and also in HTML format. It also allows you to print the puzzle in what it calls lowercase format which is printing the content with all the letters in a lower-case. The maximum puzzle size of this website is 40 and for some puzzles, it allows letter sharing. This website is of top quality as it offers so many other puzzle and educational resources aside from word search puzzles such as criss-cross puzzles, fallen phrases, double puzzles, maths squares, mazes, Cryptograms, letter tiles, hidden messages, number blocks, etc. It also allows you to name the puzzle you want to create and click here to create a word search puzzle that you can customize and print.


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